For Business Success Everything In Moderation Doesn’t Always Apply - by Howard Lewinter

By: Howard Lewinter Monday December 12, 2016 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tip, Prospecting

I’ve heard people say over and over again: Everything in moderation.

For example:

  • The secret to losing weight is to eat in moderation. Tempted to have a second helping of cheesecake? Instead, walk away from the table before you put an extra big slice on your plate. Don’t go to an all-you- can-eat salad bar or buffet because for sure you’ll over eat and possibly regret it later no matter how good the food was.
  • One of the secrets to great looking skin is limiting your time in the sun throughout your life. If you moderate how much time your skin is exposed while gardening, spending a day at the beach or skiing in the mountains, you’ll know when to apply sunscreen or to put a hat on. Avoid the burn and protect your skin in the long term.
  • What about all those year-end holiday parties and events you attend with business associates, friends or family? Usually there’s lots of good food to indulge in. Then afterwards you’re trying to exercise more and eat less to lose the extra weight you put on from all the festivities. Same situation can happen when you go on vacation such as a cruise or a trip to Las Vegas where the food choices can be endless round-the-clock.
  • It’s important to moderate your financial budget. Know how much money you can spend to buy a house. Otherwise, you may not be able to meet monthly mortgage payments and ultimately, lose your house when the bank calls the loan.
  • There also comes a time when many people choose to down-size from their current house citing: “The house is just too big. Just too much to take care of”.


Everything in moderation. Right?

Not always.

Here’s why:

When it comes to business success there’s one situation where you don’t want everything to be in moderation: Prospecting. Signing on new customers with your company. Experiencing consistent sales success.

Do as much prospecting for sales as you can. Be relentless. Don’t be satisfied when you find THE perfect customer. Go for the next GREAT customer. When you find that prospect, go for one more. And then one more after that.

You can NEVER have too many customers - or too many sales!

This business advice also applies to certain times of the year when there are long holiday weekends or at the end of the year with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year celebrations. One of the best, long term clients I have worked with over the years I met with and agreed to work with on Christmas Eve.

Don’t let dates on a calendar stop you from business success. There are people and companies out there needing your goods and services right NOW.

Get out there and find those qualified prospects. Prospecting for new business may not be your most favorite business activity but the rewards are many. Everyone you work with represents some stage of the sales process. Directly or indirectly, every co-worker is prospecting for business each business day.

Never stop prospecting. When it comes to business success at your company, everything in moderation doesn't apply as it does with that extra slice of cheesecake.

Remember: You can never have enough prospects… or customers.

May this be your best business year ever!


To your success!

Howard Lewinter

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