For Business Success: Focus On Today by Howard Lewinter

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For Business Success: Focus On Today by Howard Lewinter


Have you noticed on your way to and from work each day any new construction going up? It could be a new bank, drugstore, multi-level apartment complex, hotel or even a tall office building which will include several floors as headquarters for a major company. One day the space is just a plot of land with dirt; then before you know it a building sits on the land as if it were always there; fitting in with the landscape of the neighborhood.

When construction on the site starts, the builder doesn’t start at the top of the structure with the roof. Instead the building process begins with architectural plans, city and county permits, excavation and the ordering of building materials. Every detail, no matter how small, is paid attention to.

The same is true in business. Business isn’t made up of one big thing. Success really doesn’t happen overnight (though it may seem like that after working years to attain success). Business is made up of a component of many, many, many things that when brought together bring success – just like when a new building is topped off at completion by the construction company.

So how do you bring all the components together for business success?

Start with a strong foundation.

Have business plans and goals.

Make a daily to-do list.

Most important: For business success, focus on today.

Focus on what is happening today. Focus on the little things that when added up yield completion and success. Don’t focus on what happened yesterday; or on what may happen tomorrow – only focus on what is happening today. If you don’t focus on today, the day will slip by, nothing will happen. Nothing will get done. Before you know it, tomorrow will be here. Then what?

Take it a step further: If you don’t focus on today and what needs to be done today, before you know it Friday comes around. The business week is over. But wait! Before you know it, the month will be over.

Here it is the end of June/beginning of July. Half of the year, 2014, is over. How did that happen? It is truly amazing how time flies by.

So when you are thinking about your business day, think about what needs to be done. Then one by one set your mind to what needs done.

It’s about the details.

It’s about having focus.

Focus will permit you to outpace your competition. This happens in sporting events all the time. Focus allows you to win. Just be mindful of what you’re focusing on to get the results you want in your business day.

Remember: For business success, think about today. Don’t scatter your thoughts to other days of the week or month or year. If you do this on a consistent basis, every day will take care of itself. The key is to stay present, to be in the now (as Eckhart Tolle famously wrote about). And you will build upon success after success for you and your company. That’s not to say you don’t have a business plan for the future. But even with that plan, day to day focus will get you where you want to be.

Here’s to a successful second half of 2014 – and beyond!


Howard Lewinter

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