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How Many Languages Do You Speak?

Did you know that you could create a different LinkedIn profile for every language you speak?

This means that when someone from a different country (say Turkey) speaking a different language (Say Turkish) finds your profile on LinkedIn – if you have created another language (Say Turkish), they can view and read it in Turkish!

Just a note here: if you don’t actually speak Turkish, don’t create a profile in Turkish because you won’t be able to speak to them when they call. And don’t use Google translator. Its really not accurate (I speak form experience!

How do you create a LinkedIn profile in a new language?

First of all, make sure you are in View Profile mode (not Edit Profile mode) In View profile mode click on the drop-down box to the right of the Edit Profile button (as seen in the image below.) Then click on the Create Profile in Another Language link.

From here it's pretty easy –choose the language you want your profile to be found by, and then change your name and your professional headline to reflect that language.

Click on the blue Create Profile button (see below) and you will see your new streamlined profile in a different language.

From here you can go in and make any changes that you want, changing your Summary, Experience and other LinkedIn Sections to reflect the new language.

You will also notice your LinkedIn profile URL has changed to reflect the new languages well.

So that's it! Whether you are in Turkey and wanting an English profile or you're in the US and want a Turkish language profile, it's just a matter of knowing where to create your new profile (and how to write in that language) and you are suddenly multi-lingual with a very impressive LinkedIn presence!


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