How to Customize Your Invitation to Connect on LinkedIn Mobile (and other cool LinkedIn Mobile features)

By: Viveka Friday April 29, 2016 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn App, LinkedIn Connections, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Invitations

...(and other cool LinkedIn Mobile features)

Access Your Connections

To access your connections, go to the My Network tab to see your contacts‘ recent activity. This network brief will show things like job changes, birthdays and work anniversaries.

People You May Know

Below the updates to your network, you’ll see a list of people you may know. If you want to connect with someone, click the Connect icon to the right of the person‘s name to send a connection request.  This sends the default request, so if you want to customize the request, click on their name to access their profile (and then keep reading to find out how to customize your request.)

Invitation Requests

Click on the My Network icon (with the two people on it) in the upper-left corner to see the Invitations tab, which shows any pending connection requests. You can easily accept or ignore them.

Your Existing Connections

Click the Connections tab to see your network connections list. To add new connections, select the Connect icon (the icon with the person and a + sign) in the upper-right corner of the My Network tab.

Customizing Your Invitation to Connect

  1. To customize an invite, go to the person‘s profile.
  2. Instead of clicking Connect, select the three dots.
  3. Click Personalize Invite.
  4. Write a message
  5. Send!


Note: LinkedIn recently added this ability to customize invitations, so if you previously installed the update, update it again.  In fact, my friend Brynne told me they got rid of it... and then added it again.  If you had the update, lost the ability to customize your invite, check for the latest update AGAIN! #SillyLinkedIn

To read more about LinkedIn Mobile, check out my article in the Social Media Examiner:

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