I Didn't Sign Up For Your Freaking Newsletter!

By: Viveka Monday June 2, 2014 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Connections, Email List, Good LinkedIn Etique

LinkedIn Pet Peeve Number One –  Automatically Adding me to Your Email List.

I’ll connect with you on LinkedIn if I think we’ve be of benefit to each other.

I’ll sign up for your email list if I think you have content I’ll be interested in.

I did not connect with you on LinkedIn just so you can add me to your mailing list without my opt in!

I’ve been on LinkedIn for over 8 years and been invited to connect by thousands of people (27, 964 in fact) and at least 20% of those people have just popped me into their newsletter list.  99% of those have been unsubscribed to by me.

I suppose if we connect and you want to automatically add me to a list that INVITES me to opt in, I might say yes.  Do it without my consent and it’s a big fat NO!

So in all those years and with all those invites exactly 1 person did it right:  Georgy  Thomas.  Georgy helps people self publish- which actually is an interest of mine and of many of my connections.

A few days ago, Georgy reached out to me with this simple message:

He didn’t even impose a link on me.  If I wanted to be a part of his newsletter, I had to respond.  Now the Marketing person in me is thinking:  Make it easy, add the sign up link in your letter.  The second thinks – if someone responds wanting to sign up, then they REALLY want it AND Georgy has now had two interactions with the individual  - which only adds to Top of Mind Awareness with an invested prospect.  That might, in fact, be genius!

So Georgy – well done.  As a thank you I will not only sign up for your newsletter, I’ll put the link here for my network! http://goo.gl/wK61r0

Sometimes doing it right does pay off!!!  

What's your biggest LinkedIn Pet Peeve?


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