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Getting it Right - Social CRM's on the #LinkedInChat

I just got off the phone with Jon Ferrara, pioneer & creator of CRM solutions, CEO of and Founder of GoldMine.  This guy knows his Contact Management Systems.  Plus he's like the nicest guy ever.

Even though he is the CEO of Nimble - a business that is growing leaps and bounds every day (you should hear some of his stories!)  Jon makes the time to meet with me and  - get this  - show me some of Nimble's features.  He doesn't fob me off on a customer service rep.  He shows me himself.  That's just the kind of guy Jon is!

I got so excited by what he was showing me (I've been using Nimble - apparently ineffectively - for years) that I begged him to do a Webinar and #LinkedInChat for me.  So that chat is tomorrow (June 17th) at 5 PM PST, 8 PM ET and the Webinar is tentatively on July 9th at 10 AM PST.  You have GOT to show up for one or both.

Anyway - straight from Nimble - here's a but about Jon:

Jon's BIO:

Jon Ferrara, has been recognized for pioneering innovation in the customer management category. Prior to founding Nimble, LLC. Ferrara was the creator and co-founder of the award winning customer management product GoldMine. In 1999, Goldmine got acquired by FrontRange and Ferrara left to pursue other interests. During those years, Ferrara continued to watch the CRM market. He saw that most of the CRM products that were serving small businesses moved up market (and became more costly and complex) or fell by the way side, leaving the market underserved. It was at this point that he decided to create the next generation CRM product for small businesses, Nimble.

About Nimble:

Relationships make or break your business— and they’re hard to manage in our noisy world. Nimble was built to smartly combine all your contacts, email, social signals, activities, and follow-ups everywhere you work. They deliver context and insights so you can be quick and agile at growing your business. Hence the name – Nimble!

Nimble filters out the meaningful from the insignificant. Their rich profile technology helps you connect with the people who matter to your business.

Nimble helps you develop relationships that are deeper and more authentic, not transactional.

And Nimble makes you faster - making it possible to manage 1000s of contacts seamlessly across multiple channels, delivering the intelligence you need in with no effort, in real time.

Do you know who to reach out to today? And what to say when you do? With Nimble, the answer is yes and yes. With everything in one place, you can get connecting—smarter.

  • The Nimble Unified Inbox channels all your communications, including social, to one place.
  • With Stay in Touch reminder system and Mark as Important stars, you’ll always know when and how to reach out to your contact.
  • Front and center, see why Nimble thinks a contact is relevant— then take action immediately.
  • Set up and Save Searches—leave Google Alerts in the dust!
  • Nimble notifies you about meaningful events like birthdays and job changes.
  • See who’s talking about you—reach out and engage when the time is right.
  • Segment and Tag your contacts any which way—Nimbly!

#LinkedInChat Questions

  1. Tell us about yourself!
  2. What’s something cool about you that very few people know?
  3. What made you create Nimble?
  4. How would you define CRM?
  5. What are some of Nimble’s strengths in the world of social media?
  6. Where can Nimble help us with/in addition/in compliment to LinkedIn?
  7. What are some golden nuggets about Nimble/LinkedIn use you can share with us?
  8. What do you see for the future of Nimble?
  9. What do you see for the future of LinkedIn?
  10. Any last tips?
  11. How should people get in touch with you?

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