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Keywords are your Key to being Found


LinkedIn is similar to Google in that if you have the right keywords in the right places you are much more likely to be found in a search. It is actually easier than Google. Many may already know what their keywords are, but on LinkedIn make sure to keep it simple!

When people are looking for you, or someone like you, they may be looking for a “social media strategist” or a “social media marketer.” They may be looking for an “accountant”, but they are not going to search “forensics wizard.” The simpler and straight-forward your keywords are, the more easily people will be able to find you. That is the goal after all.

Where do you look if you don’t know what key words to use? Great question. One of the best places to find keywords is actually on the profiles of other LinkedIn users in your field. If you search a keyword you are thinking of using and look at who else used that word it will give you somewhere to start. Then look at the profiles that come up and see if any of their keywords are applicable to you as well.

Also look at their skills section, this is a great place to find a combination of skills that they have added and it gives you a good idea of things that LinkedIn suggests. You will easily be able to put together a list of LinkedIn relevant keywords that will get you found. The skills listed in this section often become the best keywords.

Be sure to prioritize your keywords once you have a good list put together. You want your most desirable keywords at the beginning and the ones that are relevant, but maybe not as important, at the end of the list. That again will help you be found more easily by potential prospects.

This list of keywords should be used in you Professional Headline, Title and Descriptions in your Experience section, your Summary section, and your Interests section. Stay tuned for more details about each of these sections.


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