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Let Your Imagination Lead You To More Business Success by Howard Lewinter

Do you remember when you were a child playing games?

Since I was a child before the age of the internet and the computer (and maybe you are too), I remember in the summertime when school was out leaving the house at 8 o’clock in the morning, come back home for lunch, then leave again but be back home for dinner, then leave one more time but be back home before dark (as the fireflies would begin to illuminate the night). Nobody ever asked where I was or was concerned for my safety back in those days as they knew I was in the neighborhood playing games with the other kids on the block and the parents all watched out for us kids. Maybe you have similar childhood memories.

During those childhood days, when I was out playing with my friends, we rode our bikes but we also used our imaginations to create games and occupy the time as back then that was simply what kids did. We didn’t sit for hours in front of a television screen as programming was very limited back then. Most of us didn’t have elaborate toys so we made things up, used what we could find and created our own toys and games.

Fast forward a number of years and here we are in the age of all things being internet related in some way or another. What does this have to do with playing games as a child and today being a leader in business?

Let your imagination lead you to more business success each and every day.

Put aside some quiet time for just you and your imagination. Have handy a notebook or a few blank sheets of paper or even, if you prefer, a blank document page on your computer screen and ask yourself any or all of these questions:

  • What is happening in my business, with my work, with my chosen profession and industry?
  • What do I see happening in the future? Six months from now… A year from now… Five years from now?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What do I personally need to do better or improve upon?
  • What’s the next great thing I should be doing?
  • How can I inspire others?

These questions are designed to get you started using your imagination. As you are thinking and writing down what comes to mind, jot down any other questions that you would like to explore and think through.

To be a success in business, you need to be a visionary. You need time to think. You need to have an imagination. An imagination is something that everyone has but if you don’t use it, it has no value.

If you use your imagination consistently in business, you’ll find that it is easier to bring your vision of success into fulfillment - and on your timeframe rather than someone else’s.

You’ll create new ideas. Some will work; others won’t. But the ideas that don’t work will be just as valuable as the ideas that do work because you’ll able to say: I know not to do that again! Or maybe it’ll lead you to a different way of thinking about something and to even greater success than originally imagined!

The most successful business people are visionaries. They create thought. Most people don’t take the time to think things through or to use their imaginations, instead they just do. They just react.

 If you start today by putting aside some time on a consistent, even daily basis, imagine where you will be one year from now! Your success all comes from your thoughts and using your imagination. 

Howard Lewinter

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