LinkedIn Notifications…. A Mistake that Worked Out.

By: Viveka Friday June 10, 2016 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Notifications, LinkedIn profiles


As one of my connections pointed out, even LinkedIn Experts can make a mistake!  This one happened to work out!

I always recommend my clients turn off their profile update notifications when they work on their profiles.  You don’t want to flood your network with every little change you make!

In fact, I was showing a client how to do that on my profile, and then accidentally left notifications ON.


A few hours later, I decided to add one of my new ventures, SocialSalesGPS to my profile under Experience.

And the chaos ensued!

668 Congratulations later, I finally had to put my amazing assistant on managing my exploding inbox!


But here’s the thing…

  • That’s 668 opportunities to engage with my network!
  • The views on my profile doubled
  • The clicks to SocialSalesGPS went way up!



Yes, I will spend several hundred dollars and a bunch of hours going through my messages.  But, I have no doubt that some of these conversations will convert into business.  And while it was totally a mistake on my part, it's one that will probably work out for me.

What the heck, you might try it out too.  Especially if you have a new job, new venture or new project you are launching. Remember, it says EXPERIENCE, not JOBS! Experience is any work experience.  Do you have a new eBook, a YouTube channel, a new project or big client?  Take a look at my profile (scroll about ½ way through) to see some of the different things I have added as Experience (

While you might not get the numbers I did, (I have an abnormally large and somewhat unruly network,) you will probably get a good number of your connections engaging with you. (Let’s call it 6%).  And that’s an opportunity to start a conversation and possibly do some business!

So here are the steps.

  1. Turn ON your notifications.
  2. Add a new venture (job, project, event) to your profile under experience
  3. Wait for the notifications to roll in!
  4. Respond to everyone who congratulates you with info about your new venture.
  5. See where these conversations lead!

And as always, if you have luck with this strategy, please let me know!!!!


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