LinkedIn’s New Awesome Video Feature….

By: Viveka Tuesday August 9, 2016 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Video, LinkedIn Expert

LinkedIn has a new Video Feature… How cool is that?

Well – maybe not as cool as we thought.  But let me back up…

I spent last week hanging out with my friend Sue B. Zimmerman, (otherwise known as The Instagram Expert.) That's when Instagram stories came out. Well what do you know! At the same time LinkedIn comes out with a video feature. How cool is that?

It's LinkedIn, so ….


New Influencer Q&A Video Feature

I thought, "Oh this is awesome, there's going to be some kind of live chat feature, maybe they're going to infuse Skype-like capabilities into LinkedIn. Worst case scenario there will be some designated video page and we can all start uploading videos now." Not so much.

LinkedIn's big offer? Thirty second videos, coming to you from the 500 exclusive influencers.  We get to see them… but we don’t get to create them.  Having said that – LinkedIn did the same thing with Publisher, so my hope is we get them in the near future… although most likely if we do get access it won’t be until Microsoft gives LinkedIn some of its resources and bandwidth.

LinkedIn Video – What You Can Do RIGHT NOW!

Don’t despair… there is still something YOU can do with LinkedIn Video right now!

Video is absolutely crucial to LinkedIn. In fact, when I was talking to my friend Brian Fanzo, (You may have heard of him, he's like the king of live streaming,) Brian told me that the video he has on his profile actually gets more views on LinkedIn than other places. That's because when you click on a video on LinkedIn -  it opens up and takes the whole screen.

Like this:


It doesn't do that on Facebook… just sayin’

One: Video in your Updates

You can add video links to your updates. Add  either a YouTube or Vimeo link (links – not embed codes) to your update with a little text telling people what they are seeing and… voila!

The image that shows up is pretty big. In fact, it's not that much different looking than LinkedIn’s new Q&A Influencer Videos. No, it's not new, but maybe the new feature will inspire some of you (and me) to use the old video link feature more often!


Two: Video in Publisher Posts

The other place that you want to add video is to your published posts. You can embed a video right in your post. Of course it adds visual interest and will drive traffic to your Vimeo or YouTube. But don't just embed a video in your post. Make sure that you transcribe it, add other media, make it a full-length post.

I use to transcribe my videos. (In fact that's where this post came from.) If you transcribe a video, take a few minutes to clean up the copy, copy and paste it into LinkedIn, add some formatting and then add you video by using the embed code icon <>.  And let them know the video is transcribed, since some people prefer to skim through and read rather than watch.  Like you are doing right now!

Three: Using Video in your Profile

Add video to your summary, education and experience sections. In my profile,  Ihave a special Experience section focused on my Keynote Speaking.  And I have a few video excepts of my on stage (sizzle reel coming soon!)  I also have a very sexy New Zealander giving my introduction and bio.  Everyone is sexier and smarter when introduced by a Kiwi with a sexy accent! 



If you do a lot of YouTube video, one little hack is to create an “Experience” section that was called, "YouTube videos,".  Describe your channel in the Description section and upload your top 5 YouTube video as media.

If you don't have a YouTube channel, get some live video testimonials that other people have done for you - or product demonstrations – or interviews. There is no limit! (well, you can only see the first five, unless you click on “see more”, but there is no limit to the types of video you can upload – as long as they are business focused!

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, yes, there is video on LinkedIn. Watch the Influencers Q&A videos.  You might learn something.  But also, if you have video, make sure you are adding it to:

  • Updates
  • Publisher Posts
  • Your Profile

Most people's profiles are just words, if a picture's worth a thousand words what's a video worth? Start adding that video to LinkedIn right now!





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