LinkedIn’s Security Breach might be Causing more 403 Errors!

By: Viveka Wednesday June 1, 2016 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Security Breach, LinkedIn Password

Update:  Even normal activity is causing account shut downs.  

You are not alone!  But as soon as possible reach out to LinkedIn and let them know you have not increased your activity substantially and are not breaking any User Agreements. My guess is they have a malfunctioning algorithm that is affecting millions of profiles right now..

LinkedIn recently started sending out letters to members that might have been affected by a previous security breach (as far back as 2012)

Read here:

So if you have not yet done so - CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!

We have also seen an uptake in 403 Error Messages (Suspicious LinkedIn Activity) that valid LinkedIn members are getting (

Watch Video Here:

If you have tried to sign in and get that error, email LinkedIn right away at this link: and let them know that you are a real person, this is indeed you account and that you have just been communicating with your connections and more active in connecting with people you may know and who have viewed your profile. 

You should get access back to your account within 24 - 48 hours.

You might also go in and delete old invitations to connect that have not been accepted.  If you see anything over 3 months old, they are probably not going to accept your invitation anyway!

You might consider being a bit more conservative in your LinkedIn activity until they are a bit less reactive!  I’d restrict profile views down to 50 or so, sending messages down to 40 people daily and inviting no more than 50 folks a week.

If you are actively engaging  (not spamming!) these old and new prospects, that should be giving you enough engagement and business anyway!


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