LinkedIn why take a subscription?

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LinkedIn why take a subscription?

By Cyril Bladier

During my almost weekly conferences or trainings on LinkedIn, I'm often asked if it's worth taking a paid subscription on LinkedIn. Until recently, I rather put emphasis on the free features of LinkedIn and all you could do without paying. But since a few weeks, LinkedIn released new premium features making the subscription more and more interesting, especially if you want to better enjoy the power of the platform.



Some features are quite old :


Taking a paid subscription on LinkedIn allows to keep a 90 days history of the people who viewed your profile. In free mode, you keep a history of the last 5 people. The majority of the profiles have less than 2 visits per day so they just have to visit LinkedIn about once every week to know who came to visit them. But for the 15% of the members (45 million people in the world) having more than 5 visits per day on their profile, it's an interesting first option.

Who visited your profile

In free mode, no precise information. You can't know where your visitors come from, or how they landed on your profile. When paying, you know :

  • The job titiles of the people who visited your profile.
  • Their industry.
  •  Where they come from in LinkedIn (similar profiles, home page, mobile application, search engine, groups...).
  • Keywords used to come to your profile : positions, name, resume, skills.
  • What companies they work for.
  • -Their geographic position.

The only downside is that the statistics don't cover 100% of the visits.


Are you really visible?

It's a very recent feature : what is your visibility in your network? What are the 100 most viewed profiles? What is your visibility in your network at your current employer? And what are the most viewed profiles in your network at your current employer? Some essential information to know which profile you should rely on. That's for the moment limited to your network in the company otherwise it would be too easy to create a fake position on any employer to know who are the most visited profiles.

Search engine

Paying allows to access advanced features of the internal search engine. In free mode, you can refine your research by location, current company, activity, previous company, school, profile language. Quite basic criteria. But to access really relevant and efficient sorting keys, you have to pay. Then you can then refine your research by : LinkedIn group, years of experience, position, level of experience, centers of interest, size of the company, Fortune 50, Fortune 500 or Fortune X company, seniority on LinkedIn. For a salesman comfortable with social selling or for someone seeking for a job, these are essential sorting keys.


In free mode, you can't send a message to another profile. It's not really impossible, but it's quite complicated because you have to :

  1. Make a request of relationship. The problem is many members don't consider what comes from people they don't know.
  2. You are limited to 300 characters, which is very short.
  3. You can't put an email address in the request of relationship.

Some paid subscriptions give access to InMails. InMail is the internal messaging which has several advantages:

  1. You send a message and not a request of relationship.
  2. You may send it to almost everyone.
  3. No 300 characters limit.
  4. If you don't get a reply in 7 days, LinkedIn gives another InMail to send.

New features : Picture Marketing on LinkedIn

Visual Marketing in the US, Picture Marketing in Europe is an expression used to explain that pictures are now inseparable from social media and social media marketing. Among the new premium features announced by mail on the 4th of June 2014, LinkedIn reinforces even more the place of pictures on the platform.

- Gigantic profile banner as on Twitter : 1400*425px.

- Proposition of keywords in the summary. Since October-November 2013, the summary has taken an essential place on LinkedIn. The keywords in the summary have a growing impact on your visibility.

- More visible in the results : when you appear in the search results, your profile is bigger, more visible and gives more information on your profile.

We can see on this printscreen that paying subscription shows more information on Viveka's profile in search results.

Larger photo, profile banner, custom background, gallery, keywords suggestions, standing out in search results, open profile (everyone can see your full profile), visibility tracking will come in a new starter package called Spotlight



Cyril Bladier, Digital Strategist, speaker, writer, Professor at HEC Paris.


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