LinkedIn’s New Mobile App: We have a Winner!

By: Viveka Thursday December 3, 2015 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn App

A Quick Tour… Video:

I wanted to give you a quick tour of LinkedIn's new mobile app. It is FINALLY available for both the iPhone and for the Android. (This demo is on the iPhone.)

Home Screen

First of all, the home screen is going to show your “highlights: - the best updates from the people that you follow.  You can like, comment and share right from your home screen. I think this is going to actually increase usability and engagement on LinkedIn! 

Also, you can create an update or even share a photo from this screen. (Love that you can share photos EASILY from your phone without using Airdrop or Dropbox or Evernote!) Before I always had to forward photos I'd taken from my phone onto LinkedIn in order to share them.  Now I can just simply share a photo or take a photo.  Bam! Done!


The next screen is ME (well, YOU!). It’s your profile.  What I like about the new app is that it's really easy to edit your profile from your phone. (Also, finally your hero image will actually show up!)

More importantly, it's easy to edit your Intro (contact information, education, location, as well as the summary section.)  By the way, glad LinkedIn is finally giving the section a name:  the Intro. Yay, LinkedIn for making that easier.

Also easy to see now: Posts! What I like about that is that I can now just share my post right from this app. Which means more views, and more engagement.

It’s also easier to edit any experience (or even add experience) as well as education, and even skills and endorsements!

LinkedIn does have a version of its Groups feature here (though I still prefer the New Groups app.)  If you have an iPhone, make sure you download the app.

Bonus? They have the “People also viewed.” Section.  (I love that feature on my LinkedIn homepage) so I'm glad they have it here. (Plus look at all the cool people that I hang out with: Greig Wells, Melanie Dodaro, Mari Smith.) They look at me. They look at them. I'm good with that.

Messenger and Network

The messaging is similar to LinkedIn's new messenger feature.  (Click here if you want to know how I really feel!)

I love the new network feature because now you can see people's customized invitations again. AND you can also very easily reply to them from this section. This is much, much, much easier to do than on the browser itself.

The one downside, (thank you, Jo Saunders for pointing this out,) is that I still can't customize my invitations from this section.

I can also manage my connections form this section.  In fact, it seems like LinkedIn has pulled in the Connected app, (a little bit anyway,) into the new LinkedIn app.


Then finally we have the little search box.  It's really easy to find, to message, to view and to comment on your connections.

In conclusion

I’m really, really liking this new app. There we go, something about LinkedIn that's new that I like. That is what I have for you today. Hopefully you have found it useful. I hope the Android looks the same. If not, please let me know in comments below.



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