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4 Awesome Social Selling Resources!

Why is this topic so hot right now? Probably because people realize the old marketingcliché of the pushy sales guy just doesn't work. (I didn't think people still did that – and then I went to try and buy new car. Yikes!) Thankfully – there are more people who seem to “get it”! I just got off the phone with Jon Ferrara of Nimble – and I love what he had to say: “Its not about social selling – its about social serving – creating the conversations with people who matter so you can earn their trust!"  How cool is that?


Social selling is definitely a hot topic in social media right now. There’s even a great weekly chat on Social Selling - #SSHour (Mondays at 4 PM ET):

We're doing the #LinkedInChat TONIGHT all about social selling - at 8 PM Eastern if you want to join us. I like using but and even should work!


So if the topic of Social Selling is of interest to you - then I have a few links you might want to check out:

  • I am doing a webinar on Wednesday (tomorrow) at Noon Eastern all about Social Selling on LinkedIn. Click HERE if you are interested. It’s free! (And yes – if you can’t make it – there will be a recording. But you have to sign up!)
  • I am also participating in a Social Selling panel for the Canadian Professional Sales Association on Friday at 11 AM EST. Click HERE to register for that one. I asked Steve the organizer if my tribe could join (even if they weren’t Canadian) and they said yes :-) so if you want to check that one out go here.

So by the end of the week you'll know everything you ever wanted to know about social selling on LinkedIn and other social sites!

I would highly recommend trying to make one – if not all three of the events. If you can't make my webinar on Social Selling on LinkedIn - it will be recorded – sign up because there are also going to be some really cool free offers and discounts that you can't get anywhere else.

#LinkedInChat Questions for Tonight

  1. Are your customers even on LinkedIn?
  2. How "social savvy" are your customers or prospects?
  3. Are you using LinkedIn to navigate to gateway people and decision makers? (And through gate-keepers?)
  4. How do you use LinkedIn to get to decision makers?  What LinkedIn features do you use?
  5. We all know about ROI - but what's the COI (cost of inaction) on your business?
  6. How do you establish your brand using LinkedIn?
  7. How do you use LinkedIn to establish your authority?  expertise?
  8. How do you demonstrate value using/on LinkedIn?
  9. What other social selling tips do you have for us?

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