Social Selling with Ivor Kellock

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Social Selling with Ivor Kellock

Last week was such a great success – that we decided to stay on topic – Social Selling on LinkedIn in this week’s #LinkedInChat! Our special guest joins us from “across the pond”. We are very lucky to have Ivor Kellock – one of the most connected and most endorsed guys on LinkedIn!

Ivor has had an eclectic career & experienced many flavors of life with one common thread running through it all - 30 years in sales!

Sales seems to be a dirty word these days with every conceivable title created to hide the fact that the bottom line in any business or organization is sales.

One of Ivor’s favorite sayings (and how true it is:) “Nothing happens until a sale is made” (attributed to Thomas Watson senior, President of IBM from 1914 to 1956)

Except of course you're like Instagram running on VC money & finding a private company suitor to sell to for a $billion - these odds are longer than winning the lottery!

Says Ivor: “The basic concepts & process of selling haven't changed at all in my career so far - what has changed is the efficiency of the market & customers/clients ability to have a much greater idea of what they want before you even speak to them!”

The average B2B buyer is 57% of the way through the buying process before they even call a sales person today (Marketing Leadership Council/Google 2012)

This is a big change from his early financial services days 25 years ago wholesaling sophisticated tax & investment products! The broker relied heavily on Ivor & my technical team to make their sale - if they liked what they had then he had the upper hand - today markets are more transparent & open - you have to work harder!

Ivor thinks prospecting was easier too because “I had a niche that was profitable for the broker & the marketing, sales & technical backup to help the broker make the sale - a compelling reason to talk with me.”

Getting through the front door & speaking to the decision maker today is similar but different. You still need to grab their attention as you did then - you simply have a much greater array of choices available to you now with all the social media channels. This of course means your prospects get more noise so you do need to be thoughtful in your approach.

Does this sound familiar? Ivor says, “Back in the day I struggled to get to see someone I knew who was busy & could sell much of what I had to offer - telephone calls, letters & popping in wasn't getting me anywhere! Even recommendations were falling on deaf ears......”

This one cracked me up (and was quite clever); “A regional manager shared a story where one of the sales guys in another region had sent a pre crumpled letter saying that as all previous correspondence had ended up in the bin - I'll do it for you to save you the effort!” Believe it or not, Ivor said that trick worked!

With all the social channels to choose from it is easier to begin to understand someone’s mindset through what they talk about & share - which can help you get under their skin.

3 months ago from an initial single tweet Ivor got a first meeting with the CEO of a local hospital trust - he mentioned the word #listening - which clearly hit a raw nerve with her because she immediately tweeted back & a date was fixed in his schedule. Turns out that the hashtag #Listening was one of her themes of the moment.

There's no rocket science when it comes to prospecting & making the numbers - simply a straightforward task of recognizing & understanding people - being able to listen actively - on average we only hear & retain 25% of all that is said. Ivor can change that – in fact here’s a great video that explains this in more detail:

8 years ago Ivor was introduced to LinkedIn by a web designer client (Like me LinkedIn was his first foray into online social networks) He had my own wealth management practice at the time & immediately was hooked. As a sales person he recognized it's power as a free Rolodex for prospecting. 

Ivor says: “I loved the opportunity for us as a species, as individuals to be able to connect peer to peer & communicate without the hindrance of politics, mass media & corporate babble......... It then took me a few years before I really ramped up my activity to getting to 30,000 global connections & getting great engagement through my status updates. Thanks LinkedIn for making this so much more valuable & powerful today......”

Ivor’s motto is simplify & do. Keep your mind clear & take action with a clear purpose. Once you appreciate what engages your audience & why - prospecting really is simple!

So if you're struggling to make the numbers or want to be a superstar & not average, build your business into a global phenomena or create an income around the lifestyle you desire get in touch - everything is possible when you've got a great team around you.

Want to find out more? The join our #LinkedInChat April 29th at 8 PM ET! Also- Ivor is giving all the chattesr a FREE half hour via Skype to work out how to improve your prospecting – (ivorkellock) Just email him first at [email protected] to let him know you’ve sent a connection request.

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