Top 6 Reasons to Use a Brand Advocate to Implement Your Social Media Strategy

Monday November 7, 2016 comments Tags: Cindy Haynes, Social Media, Branding, marketing

Because the world of marketing is developing and changing, informing potential clients about your brand has become more challenging than ever before. Therefore, it’s a necessity to have a social media strategy in place in order to build a stable social media presence. To achieve the objectives of your social media strategy, you need brand advocates who can identify powerfully with your brand message and voice. Brand advocates of this nature will not only remain loyal but also faithfully advocate your product.


You can find brand advocates working within advertising or branding agencies. They are qualified and become extremely knowledgeable of your business, products and entire brand. They know everything about your brand and talk much about it. These individuals play a great role in building your brand positively. One of the main reasons that many businesses hire brand advocates is to build long-term relationships with their customers. Isn’t this something you want to do to? Here are 6 other reasons why you should use a brand advocate.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Brand Advocate for Your Business


  1. They have a broader reach


Advocates come to your rescue when you want to reach more clients that you may not have access to. This is because most advocates have a wide net and have followers from different demographic areas. These are people who are influential and they appeal to your potential clients who are in search of reliable information. Advocates who are active will normally have many followers on their social media networks due to the regular information they provide regarding other services and products. Therefore, you can use brand advocates to boost your social media strategies.


  1. They influence the opinions of their followers


Word-of-mouth is one of the main ways to promote a brand or product. At one time when you offered your opinion to your friends or family, they considered your opinion to be of extreme value because they trust you. Similarly, consumers trust each other even more than they trust social posts or brand advertisements. This means that potential clients are more likely to be influenced by the advocates they trust. What’s even better is that brand advocates have many followers, which could turn into many new customers for you.


  1. They are loyal


In this competitive business world, a strong network of loyal customers is necessary for startups and already existing businesses. Therefore, keeping your clients happy will keep them loyal for a longer period. Brand advocates not only value the product but also the relationship they have with the company. They will remain loyal and help to create and maintain a loyal customer base too.


  1. They share experiences and opinions on social media


Brand advocates are more likely to share their opinions about your product on social media than other average web users. These individuals love contributing valuable information to the social community such as LinkedIn. Therefore, in providing them with access to your product, they will share it on their social media networks. Then their followers will see and most likely also share and/or purchase. These advocates will also share special offers and content that your business may have. This will help to drive more traffic, potential clients, and referral leads.


  1. They help you increase your social reach


Brand advocates are more likely to share opinions on products on social media. They tend to not only influence people within their surroundings such as friends and family members, but they also feel comfortable when sharing on social media platforms with people they don’t know personally. In the end, all of these people could also connect with you.


  1. They want to be known for their valuable insights


Brand advocates like assisting people who show interest in the personal experience stories they share about your brand. They remain true to their beliefs, and they don’t compromise what they stand for to market a business. Instead, their voice convinces their audience to try products that they believe are of high quality.


The use of brand advocates can assist you to increase your social media presence and improve your overall strategies. Consider hiring a brand advocate through a branding agency and have them actively promote your brand to in turn improve your company's overall brand positioning.

This is a guest post from Cindy Haynes. Cindy is the Managing Director, Partner at EraserFarm, a Tampa branding and creative agency. Cindy has over 25 years of experience in leadership within retail, marketing and integrated advertising platforms. She aims at educating business owners about how to improve branding positioning through social media within a new-age digital world.