6 Steps to Better Local LinkedIn Marketing!

By: Viveka Friday March 18, 2016 comments Tags: Local Marketing, LinkedIn Tips

Local and Social Marketing

Usually when you hear people talk about social media marketing, the focus is on the vast number of potential prospects: 2 billion people on Facebook, 400 million people on LinkedIn, over 500 million people on Twitter and Instagram.

That being said, businesses are usually successful because they focus on a particular market, niche, or location. Not on the vast majority. And this is true for content marketing on LinkedIn as well. 

While it’s all well and good to have thousands of connections and millions of people in your network, the most successful business people using LinkedIn do so by creating real relationships with their target markets.

6 Steps

Here are 6 things you can do to ensure that you're getting the best local use out of LinkedIn: 

  1. Share geographically-based content interesting to your local market
  2. Use local imagery in your graphics and media
  3. Upload Media interesting to your market
  4. Search and segment locals with Tags
  5. Check your local demographics (and respond)
  6. Join local groups on LinkedIn and share your content 

By following the above steps and implementing these strategies, you will create a local presence on LinkedIn that cannot be ignored – guaranteeing more visibility, more

engagement and more business.

Let's take a deeper look..

Share geographically-based content 

LinkedIn allows you to share content – both as updates and as long-form Publisher posts. So you might as well share content relevant to your local market. Updates are just like Tweets or Facebook updates that you share on your networks’ timeline. You can even tag locals in updates so that they are more likely to see your shared content.

You can also write long-form posts using LinkedIn Publisher. Again, by putting in locations as keywords, your post becomes searchable by those specific geographies and may be more visible to local prospects. Of course, you want to share content relevant to the locals you're trying to attract. 

Create imagery that focuses on your target geography

LinkedIn has added a background feature that allows you to add what is essentially a banner on top of your profile. Create an image that is attractive to the local audience you want to attract. Even people who don't know you may feel a sense of kinship if they recognize the mountain range, Main Street, or Oceanview you put on your profile.

Upload media interesting to your graphic target market

LinkedIn now makes it very easy to upload documents, images and share links to videos and slideshow presentations on your profile. Upload media that your local market will find interesting and engaging. It doesn't only make your profile more attractive, it makes sense to share helpful relevant content to increase the “KLT factor” (know, like and trust ) with your target market. 

Search and segment local prospects

You can further filter these results by sorting out your first level connections. These are people who have invited you or you have invited to connect. Once you have that search result, you can save and easily reference it in the “Saved search” section.

Keep in touch with the locals

The great thing about first level connections, is you can easily send them a message. Like do you want to meet for coffee :-) If you tag these connections, you can also sort them by that tag, and send them the occasional message. This will help you stay top of mind with them. They might not need you now, but when they do, if you keep in touch with them, they’ll remember you and might even be more likely to call upon you since you are a local!

Join local groups on LinkedIn

Many local groups – the Victoria Chamber of Commerce, BC Networking Groups, and Vancouver Meet-Ups – have a LinkedIn Group presence as well. You can search for groups by location, or by name. Even if you don't have as much time to do the face-to-face networking that you used to do, you can still join those face-to-face groups on LinkedIn. That allows you to stay in touch with the members even when your busy schedule means you can't get out as much as we used to!

In conclusion

So there you have it! 10 steps and strategies you can use to market your business locally using LinkedIn. When you start to focus on your local markets using LinkedIn, you'll be amazed at just how many people you know, and how many opportunities are out there! I know I am always shocked to realize I know at least one – and sometimes more - gateway people at companies that I want to be working with. Or that the Influencers I want to align with happen to be local ( like Steve Dotto, ot Sean Smith or Paul Holmes.) And that I can still do local marketing even if I can't get to town as often as I used to. 

By implementing even a few of these strategies you will be able to increase your local visibility exponentially. And all this is for free. With a little bit of time investment, you could substantially increase your bottom line! It's worth a try.


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