Using spreadsheets to manage your Content Marketing? It might be costing you $$$$$

By: Viveka Friday April 21, 2017 comments

So much content to produce. So many different tools. A lot of miscommunication.

Typically, content marketing teams use a set of disconnected tools like project management software, a calendar, spreadsheets and a zillion email exchanges, phone calls, text messages and attachments to create content.  

Once an item is finalized and approved, another team member uploads it to yet another platform and schedules it to publish.

Sooner or later, all of the back and forth between Slack, emails, different applications and software packages result in tasks slipping through the cracks, or worse, the wrong version being published. (Yes, it’s happened to me!)

Research shows a disjointed content marketing process can cost companies $120,000 annually – the equivalent of hiring two content creators.

Publishing schedule delays or costly work duplication are also common. Not to mention as the project manager, you can't possibly keep up when more than a dozen pieces of content are being produced at the same time.

You can either pull your hair out or:

Streamline all of this unproductive work and eliminate confusion using a content marketing automation platform.

You can reduce the time it takes for content development by connecting production workflows directly to publishing tools.  Forrester Research says 77% of content marketing platform users would recommend or evangelize them to peers.

Some other things a content marketing platform like Mintent  will help you do:

1.  Approach idea creation, content production, and publishing strategically instead of randomly, on disconnected tools.

2.  Consolidate content production and publishing in one easy-to-use system based on an online editorial calendar. Every team member can see at a glance what’s to be published and when

3.  Gather ideas in a centralized place and transform them into meaningful content perfectly aligned with your target audience, customer buyer cycle, and marketing themes

4.  Automate processes including task handovers and notifications, final approvals and publishing to multiple channels – with zero emails and no confusion. 

5.  Set a date and the content marketing platform will publish directly to your website, marketing automation tools or social media channels.

6.  Measure page and content performance and easily share the results with the rest of your team so you can analyze and see what’s working

Instead of searching around for supporting documents or a creative brief that may not have been attached to an email, ALL of the information about a particular content assignment is stored in one location.

Final approvers can see the activity trail and any comments that lead to the final product. They won’t have as many questions and approvals will go much quicker.

Everyone is on track and your channels are filled with interesting content, relevant to the potential reader.

Diagnose your content marketing workflow

What’s your content marketing workflow like, and how’s that working for you?

Is your content marketing workflow as efficient as it can be? Is your team producing powerful content without the stress and headache of a disjointed process?

My friends at Mintent have an ebook where you can identify the leaks in your content workflow causing you to lose time, money and opportunity. 

Grab this eBook to learn how to Fix Your Content Marketing Workflow

And when you’re ready to explore what a content marketing platform can do for you, sign up for their free trial



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