What To Do In A High Pressure Business Situation – by Howard Lewinter

By: Howard Lewinter Tuesday May 24, 2016 comments Tags: Howard Lewinter, business tip, business success

Many times business people find themselves in the midst of a high pressure business situation. There are business problems. Business decisions need to be made.

When you find yourself in such a business situation, ask yourself:

What should I do in this high pressure business circumstance?

How should I behave?

How should I respond?

What should I say?

The key is to act calmly.

To think through the situation presented to you.

Do you have a plan to solve the business situation?

If yes, get into action. If not, make a plan and execute the plan.

Whatever you do in a high pressure business situation, don’t panic. That will only make matters worse than they already are. When you panic, everyone around you is then going to panic. It then becomes more difficult to get out of the situation and to solve the problem.

Keep in mind that all is not lost when something happens. It’s just another business day. It’s what you get paid to do. You get paid to solve problems no matter how small or how large the problem may be.

The more adept you become at dealing with business problems, the more problems you will become aware of and you will be capable of resolving. Have confidence that whatever happens, whatever comes your way, you will effectively deal with it. You are ready for the challenge!

Business is about high pressure business situations. In business, you can’t expect everything in your day to go smoothly.

Every morning as you prepare for the day, don’t think to yourself: Do I have a problem?

Instead, think to yourself: What problem do I have today to solve?

No matter what your job title may be, you are a problem solver.

You are the person that makes it happen.

You are a strategist. That is what business is about: Having the right strategy for business success.

Remember: Think first. Panic later (but only if necessary…)


To your success!

Howard Lewinter

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