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By: Viveka Friday April 15, 2016 comments Tags: wisestamp, email signature, High Quality Leads, LinkedIn

The problem with releasing a new product like HQL is that you have to choose what information and strategies to include… invariably leaving out some really cool tools and tactics!


So I must tip my hat to Shawn who rightly pointed out that I did not mention the very cool WiseStamp email signature tool that I use. (To be fair to me, High Quality LinkedIn Leads is about a LinkedIn Messenger strategy, not email.)  But he is right, if you don’t know about WiseStamp… well, you should!


WiseStamp allows you to create really nifty email signatures and import them into whatever email and phone service you are using – Gmail, Outlook, iMail, etc.  I have the business version (and yes, I paid for it, they don’t sponsor me) so that I can create sigs for my employees.  But unless you are a business owner, you can certainly get away with the free version!


From the horse’s mouth:

“The WiseStamp email platform offers a free easy email signature solution, with tons of email apps & services, an easy-to-add browser extension, & fast email signature generator.  It works on all email platforms, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook, MacMail, iPhone, Thunderbird and more, and offers lots of social media apps and icons, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.”


You get a lot of flexibility with templates, colors and of course the visuals you upload.  Create a company signature with your logo, a casual signature for your gmail and a business signature with your LinkedIn picture for work!  So many options!


Don’t just throw away your signature line in your email.  It’ a great marketing tool!  When someone sends me an email, if I want to know more about them I will click on whatever links they send me.  So they could very well be losing my business if they don’t provide me with their social and web addresses.  Also, it’s a lot easier for me to call if their phone number is actually included in their signature line.


And oh yeah, WiseStamp looks A LOT better than anything I can try and wrangle together.


Give it a try today.  Its free… some things in life still are J


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