B2B Best Practices for Getting Found on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Friday October 8, 2010 comments

STEP ONE: Clarity and Branding

WHY?  The clearer you are on your brand, the better you represent yourself, the more business you will attract

•      YOU are your Brand.  Inbound marketing has changed the way we do business.  Even as a B2B, you clients want to work with individuals, bit some corporate entity.  There needs to be a balance between the company, and the individual representing the company.  Employees are becoming representatives of company brands.  For that matter, your clients and customers are becoming the unpaid sales evangelists for your brand.  So it MUST be clear to you and to them.  The less clarity, the greater the chance that you will be mis-represented.  Be clear on your Brand
•      Why You? Be clear on the benefit the client receives in hiring you. What specific area of Expertise, Industry, or Niche makes you distinct from your competitor?  What specific benefits will your client receive by working with you?  Why you individually?  Why you as a company?
•      What are your Keywords?  As a B2B you will have a specific list of keywords you want to be found by.  As an individual working for a B2B, these key words will describe you as well.  These keywords do not need to be sophisticated, but they do need to be clear.  If someone were doing a keyword search for you on Google, what would they be typing in?  Keep these keywords by your computer at all times, and use them often in your social media efforts.
•      Create Your Profile in a Word Document .  Your personal and company profile on LinkedIn is a website.  Make no mistake.  This is a professional representation of YOU.  If you create your profile first in a word document, you:

  • Are less likely to have spelling errors

  • Are less likely to have grammatical errors

  • Can format certain areas with bullets and spacing

  • Can re-purpose content in other social media sites

  • Can create a template for other employees, generating a unified message and image

  • Have a back-up in case anything happens to your LinkedIn account

For more information on how to use LinkedIn more effectively as a B2B, check out this LinkedIn Toolkit from MLT Creative

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