Being "active" and "passive" on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Wednesday November 24, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Description

Different people will be using LinkedIn for different reasons.  This is a comprehensive outline detailing different aspects of LinkedIn and why you would use LinkedIn for your business.

LinkedIn Assumptions

  • Most people think LinkedIn is just a glorified rolodex or an extended resume online.

  • Most people are “strategic” networkers who know all their first level connections  and want to connect to others through them

  • Most people follow LinkedIn’s “Learning Center” and think they have a complete profile (because LinkedIn tells them their profile is 100% complete.)

Passive Uses of LinkedIn:

“If you create a dynamic profile, they will come!”

Keyword your profile:

  • Ask your marketing director or web person for the keywords they used to optimize your website.

  • Think about what people might type in a search engine to find the services /product you offer.  (dumb it down – not everyone knows the lingo of your industry: “car sales” not “auto sales”)

  • Make a list of these keywords and OPTIMIZE every part of your profile:  header, summary, experience and education, specialties and interests.

WHY?  This will get you found on the first page of the LinkedIn search.  Help people find you and your company, even if they don’t know your name.


Do you only have one?  Using “other” you can focus certain pages within your website and list them separately on LinkedIn.

  • Home page

  • Contact Page

  • Product /Service Page

WHY?  People are more likely to click to “Increase your ROI” rather than “My Website”.  This will raise your Google Page Rank because people will be clicking from a big site to your site which indicates relevance.

Personalized Public Profile:

  • Reflect your name, business or brand.

WHY?  This will also help you get found on Google.  And it’s easier to remember than “45ub4l0”

Who wants to be found on LinkedIn?

  • Jobseekers want their name and profile to show up first and have the most impressive profile.

  • Individuals and companies want potential clients to find them

  • Companies want Investors to find them.

  • Vendors what clients to find them

  • Entrepreneurs’ want strategic partners to find them

“Passive” tools to actively used

  • Answers (become a thought leader.)

  • Groups (Create a customer/contact list of like-minded others)

o   Create a dynamic Group

o   Post Blogs and News Articles reflecting your company

o   Moderate discussion – find the “pulse” of your public

Active Uses of LinkedIn


  • Find ideal candidates without paying a recruiter

  • Research the caliber of people you are considering as a client, employee

  • Recruiters can find the ideal client for you (#1 recruiter’s tool)

  • Find partners to expand your business nationally of internationally

  • Find venues, vendors, VA’s locally or at a destination (conference, tradeshows, etc)

  • Research a competing company

  • Research a company you are considering working with, partnering with

  • Find Business mentors in your field, a new field

  • Headhunters can search potential “c” level hires

Other Uses of LinkedIn

  • Free Advertising

  • Exposure for your Blog

  • Exposure for you work (only public domain)

  • Business Hub for your Employees

  • Create a Business Culture

How do you do this?

  • Create and professional, optimized and dynamic profile

  • Build your network (and therefore your client list)

  • Learn how to effectively mine your network.


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