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By: Viveka Friday April 3, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedInExpert, Social Media, Melody Campbell, BlogTalkRadio, Get More Business

The magnificent Melody Campbell, otherwise known as the Small Business Guru (@SmBizGuru) recently had me on her radio show.  "Get More Business"

Listen to the show here: LinkedIn on Blog Talk Radio

There were some excellent questions asked on the radio show. Here is a brief synopsis of the questions and answers.

Steven Bates (@batess) asks:  What might you suggest are best practices for a small business wishing to establish a corporate presence on LinkedIn?

    • Have all your businesses' employees join LinkedIn

    • Make sure your company has a group

    • Make sure you are active on that group

    • Create a keyword rich word document on your company and ask your employees to cut and paste it into their job description and summary (if they are willing)

    • Make sure your own profile is absolutely filled with the keywords your company would want to be found under

What additional LinkedIn or third party applications do you find particularly appealing for showcasing a company on LinkedIn?

    • I use to post all kinds of files - word docs, mp3's, etc.

    • I use SlideShare to share power-points (just don't post anything you would normally sell)

    • I like the Twitter app "company buzz"

    • Some people who travel a lot have found Tripit to be particularly useful

    • And of course use either or blogger to post your blogs (now accepting hosted domain blogs too)

If I hired a full time technical recruiter, what paid LinkedIn packages should I purchase?

    • Their "corporate solutions" package - it's expensive, but you (I think) get access to all 35 million people on LinkedIn and don't have to spend the weeks/years growing your own network.

Deb Frey (@DaVinciDeb) says:  I have a fairly significant LinkedIn Network, but have never utilized it. The company I work with is a non-profit company. We aren't looking for employees or employers. We would like to know how to use LinkedIn to grow our non-profit membership organization.

A non-profit is still a business that needs to be marketed.

    • Use updates

    • Create a group and use discussions

    • Join groups and add discussions

    • Use Events application

    • Post some of Thomas' papers/talks using in written or mp3 form

    • Forward the profile of those in your network who are speaking at your event to other's in your network.

    • Mine for potential speakers

    • Mine for potential speaking engagements

Tim Fahndrich asks:  Is there anything you can do to remedy an IDK? ... I had a couple of people hit IDK who actually do know me but didn't know what they were doing ... frustrating.

    • The sad answer is no - although if you contact LinkedIn at [email protected] they will release some of the restrictions. Although you'll never be able to contact someone as a "friend" without knowing their email address again L

What do you think of Linkedin's attempts to become more social and less sterile?

    • I love the new apps - I hate that they have removed Invitations, Introductions and Inmails from the inbox.

PL Moore says:  Great tips and interested in hearing more.  How do you find out who the top 50 people are and would they really accept unknown invites?

    • They are all LIONS and part of the deal on participating in and is that you have to agree to accept or at least archive invitations.

Hope that was useful -

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Now get linking!!!!


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