Clarity and Branding: Know Your Keywords

By: Viveka Tuesday November 15, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Skills, LinkedIn SEO, Google and LinkedIn

Branding and Keywords

Who are you? What do you have to offer?  Why should I buy from you?  What makes you different?  How would I describe your services? Your brand? Your product?

The clearer you are on your brand, the better you represent yourself, the more business you will attract! YOU are your Brand.  Inbound Marketing has changed the way we do business.  Whether you are a B2C, B2B, Employee or Executive, your clients want to work with individuals, not some corporate entity.  There needs to be a balance between the company, and the individual representing the company.  Even employees are becoming representatives of company brands.  For that matter, your clients and customers are becoming the unpaid sales evangelists for your brand.  So your brand MUST be clear to you and to them.  The less clarity, the greater the chance that you will be mis-represented.

Be clear on your Brand.  Why You? Be clear on the benefit the client receives in hiring you. What specific area of Expertise, Industry, or Niche makes you distinct from your competitor?  What specific benefits will your client receive by working with you?  Why you individually?  Why you as a company?

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What are your Keywords?

Create specific list of keywords by which you want to be found.  They should describe:

  • You

  • Your company

  • Your product

  • Your service

  • Your industry

  • Your client’s industry

These keywords do not need to be sophisticated, but they do need to be clear.  If someone were doing a keyword search for you on Google, what would they be typing in?  Keep these keywords by your computer at all times, and use them often in your social media efforts.

Where should you use them?

  • Your LinkedIn Profiessional Headline (120 characters)

  • Your Facebook Bio (200 Characters)

  • Your Twitter Bio (160 Characters)

  • Your LinkedIn Titles Fields (100 Characters)

  • Your LinkedIn Summary:     Professional Experience and Goals (2000 Characters), Specialties (500 Characters)

  • You Interests (750 Characters)

  • Your updates (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)

Where can you find keywords?

  • (Thanks for the tip @GreigWells)

  • LinkedIn Skills (Related Skills)

  • Right clicking your competition’s website

The great thing about social media is that SEO in social media is like SEO on the web ten years ago.  You just need to use your keywords more often to be found – and even get Google rankings…

Give it a try..

Test and see where you fall in a keyword search on your favorite website

And feel free to comment on any keyword tricks or strategies you have discovered.

We’ll go more in depth into keyword strategies next week on

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