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Cloze:  The "Who, What, When & Where" for Every Connection That Matters

If you are a regular of my #LinkedInChat (Tuesday nights at 8 PM EST) or my blog, then you know that I am always looking for ways to make LinkedIn more effective for its members.   LinkedIn is a great tool, with some obvious deficit, (primarily the limitations for people who have small networks and the free account.)  I like tools that help people manage and optimize their account and network no matter what size it is. is one of those tools.

Cloze (found at is a free service that brings together your email, business connections, social networks, and address books into a single useful viewer. Users connect their various accounts that are then analyzed and then rated according to their interactions to determine relationship strength and assign a Cloze score. The higher the Cloze Score the stronger the relationship.  You will receive a daily email digest of the communications from your connections that have the highest Cloze Score.

You can also search to see who in your networks have the best relationship with someone you might want an introduction to (similar to Hachi that we looked at last week.). The score helps to separate proven relationships vs. passive, one-time connections.

Then it’s simply a matter of using those relationships that mean the most to you to build new relationships that will help to grow your business.

I’ve been using Cloze for about a week now, and so far am liking it very much.  Even more than my LinkedIn relationships, I like the email digest it sends me each week showing me who I am spending time on (too much or too little!)  You know those clients who take up 80% of your time for 20% of your income.  Yeah.

Anyway, there are still some functions I need to further explore, but that’s why I’m having the founders of Cloze, Dan Foody and Alex Coté on our LinkedInChat Tuesday July 10th.

Both the founders of Cloze have lived in the world of startups for many years. Dan Foody (CEO) was CTO at company called Actional Software and Alex Coté, (CMO)

was VP of marketing for Cortera.

Having lived in roles where relationships were essential to their jobs, they both realized the need for a tool that would allow them to more easily and effectively put their existing connections to work for them.  As Alex says, “As professionals we all are creating mounds of data -- data that could prove useful in the future if only it were more accessible, usable and portable.  Cloze allows you to search across every contact you have ever made in one place.”

Cote and Foody focused on those professionals who work outside the four walls of their company, people whose careers live-and-die based on the strength of their connections.  People in:

    • Sales

    • Business Development

    • Marketing

    • PR

    • Entrepreneurs, etc

Basically anyone who feels their relationships are their biggest asset will find Cloze to be a helpful tool.

Close is focused on the individual not the company.  Your connections are an asset you bring with you, even if you move from job to job.  (And lets face it – we are doing that more and more; the days of 40 years at the same company and a golden handshake are gone – thank goodness!) Cloze gives users a deep understanding of relationship quality by scoring each relationship based on number of factors.

If you want to find out more about Cloze – check this video out:

Questions for the #LinkedInChat

    1. Tell me about why you started Cloze?

    1. Please explain how Cloze works.

    1. What about the Cloze Score, how is that calculated?

    1. What do you use the Cloze Score for?

    1. How is Cloze different than LinkedIn?

    1. Who are the primary users of Cloze?

    1. How can I built my network and get introductions with Cloze?

    1. How can our participants qualify for Cloze since its still in Beta?

    1. Anything else you would like to add before we leave?

Transcript for the chat can be found here (once we've had the chat)


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