Social Media Terminology

Linked Into Business

At Linked Into Business, we believe that no matter what channels we use, social media marketing comes down to these three strategies:

  • Creating your Social Story
  • Building Relationships
  • Managing your Social Reputation (including Marketing and Monitoring)

There are three ways we can go about creating your New Media strategy:

  • We can teach you how to create and implement your social media strategy (Training)
  • We can create and implement your social media campaign with you (Masterminding)
  • We can create and implement your social marketing  for you (Execution)

If you need your Social Marketing done right now, call us for a free consultation on what you feel your needs are, and we will work together to get your campaign up and working immediately. If you need help getting set up on social media, integrating social media with the rest of your marketing program, or getting a campaign launched, please give me a call at 970-481-8916 orshoot me an email and let’s get started.


For companies with employees, sometimes it is better for me to come in as a trainer.  In your training session/s, I will teach your staff about the culture and strategies of new media and social media marketing.  This will increase your staff’s capacity to work independently and help them become more proficient marketeers.

There are four ways I can engage with companies:  Speaking (keynotes and breakout sessions), Training, Training Camps and QuickStarts.


Sometimes we just need a different perspective or a consistent voice of encouragement.  I can be your personal marketing trainer, either on-call as needed or as part of a disciplined monthly program.  Monthly programs include at least two one-hour coaching sessions in addition to email and telephone support.


If you just don’t have the time, we will work together.  My team will take on the bulk of implementation, from profile and network building to communication and marketing strategies. I have a team of specialists who will create beautiful profile presences for you; record and edit powerful video introductions; work with you in creating and implementing your company voice; and increase brand recognition and social reputation.  Together, we can create a strategy to determine how much – or little – is needed. 

Creating your Social Story

Each Social Medium has its own culture, and so in order to discover the optimal social channels through which you can begin to tell your own social story, we need to first uncover and develop your core story.  It is only through knowing how to speakyour core story that you will be able to leverage today’s emerging technologies AND be well equipped to leverage whatever technologies come next. Taking into account current and previous branding efforts, we will craft not only a comprehensive story but will also uniquely modify your story to attract the highest quality tribe to first listen to it and then begin to tell it to their peers.

Building Relationships

Are you clear on your target audience?  Do you know where they live?  Together, we will discover and define specific, action-oriented opportunities for you to connect with your target client.  We will create the relationship strategies your company will need to develop and support a true Tribe of “Evangelists.”

Managing Your Social Reputation

A robust social media presence gives you control over your social reputation.  Even if you have detractors, through vigorous social media engagement you can be in command of your presence and interaction.  Your activity will also engage your customers and increase your customer service ratings.  We utilize existing marketing assets and create new marketing content for your new media endeavor by focusing on media messages oriented to your end user’s interests and concerns (which are, after all, what they’ll actually ACT upon).  Paying attention to the human interactions in your marketplace helps you stay focused on others; that means I can help you establish, manage and grow both your online and word-of-mouth communities.