Hachi: A New Introduction Tool for Better Social Media Connecting!

By: Viveka Monday July 2, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Strategies, LinkedIn help, LinkedIn Tools, Hachi, GoHachi

Hachi leads you down the right path!

My friend and co-moderator of the LinkedIn chat, Steve Cassady (@SteveCassady), recently introduced me to it cool new tool called Hachi Think of it as LinkedIn Introductions on steroids.

Not only will it show you the best person to make an introduction for you on LinkedIn, it will go into Twitter, Facebook and Hoover's to find the best “Introducer”.

One of the limitations of being an open networker on LinkedIn, is that I often don't know the people that I want to get an introduction from. Or, I might know them, but I'm not as aware as I should be of their social media engagement.  So if I ask for an introduction, I don't know if it's going to sit in their inbox for an hour, a day, a week or year!

Hachi solves all those problems for me, by looking in all my networks and finding through some magical algorithm, the best person to introduce me.

The other benefit above LinkedIn's Introductions, is the fact that Hachi goes four levels deep, not just three.

Hachi is still in beta mode, and you need an invitation to join, but if you join us on the LinkedInchat Tuesday night (July 3 at 8 PM EST), you can probably wrangle an invitation since we'll be having Rachna Singh, founder of Hachi labs on as our guest.


Hachi (pronounced "Ha-chee") searches through all your professional and social networks to give you the smartest way to reach any one you want. 'Smartest' is the key word here, because not only does Hachi give you all the possible paths to reach your target, but it also recommends the smartest of those paths, based on intelligence about you and your networks. It goes further to actually get you communicating with your target


    1. Connect your social and professional networks with Hachi.

    1. Start searching for the person you want to connect with. You can search by their: Name, Title, Company, Education, Industry, or Location.

    1. Hachi will display people from your network that meet your search criteria.

    1. Click on  to learn more about the searched person

    1. Click on “Find Path” button to find out how you can reach that person.

Hachi will display the different ways you can connect, and suggest the smartest way.

Video in Hachi here: http://youtu.be/wFUKqPf_Scg

Rachna Singh

Rachna Singh, creator of Hachi, shares that the idea behind Hachi came out of her personal need for a better introduction.   She had been in sales and business development for the last 10 years and knew that to break into new organizations, a warm intro was a tremendous help. Looking for ways to leverage her network more effectively to get those warm introductions, she mined her network of contacts/connections in Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, etc.. Discovering there wasn’t a lot of overlap between her contacts on these various networks she decided to develop a program that would help her to navigate and route the best introduction path through these mazes of connections.


She, clearly, was not alone in ther need to fain a better connection route!  Hachi’s user base is mostly business users (from 20 to 55 year old) who are using Hachi for:

    • Business development

    • Sales (recently, we were recognized as one of the 4 great tools for sales and recruiting by Talent HQ, a Top-50 Recruiting blog)

    • Recruitment

    • Social media

    • Fund-raising

    • General networking

Here’s what some other folks have said about Hachi:

    •  It only takes a few times using Hachi for it to become a permanent tool in your networking arsenal.

    •  I love Hachi! It offers the unique ability to conduct prospect research in such an effective and efficient way

    •  For anyone looking to increase the size and influence of their personal connections, Hachi is a great tool that outlines paths for users to connect to new and exciting people.

    • @hachilabs Can help you connect smarter and faster with almost anyone. Check it out!

    • Hachi is going to be ... revolutionary. I can feel it..

    • Looking to enlarge your network, and engage with specialists? Hachi is just the tool you need! Quickly understandable, easy to use... IT ROCKS!

Rachna Singh will be out special guest on the LinkedInChat Tuesday night at 8 PM EST

Here are a few questions I thought of Rachna at Hachi, but you're welcome to ask questions of your own as well.

Q1:  Tell us a bit about yourself.

Q2:  What are some of your favorite things?

Q3:  Tell us one thing about yourself that few people know.

Q4:  How long have you been utilizing social media in your business?

Q5: You saw the need – how long did it take you to develop Hachi?

Q6:  How was it working with LinkedIn’s API?

Q7:  How can people use Hachi?

Q8:  Can you give us some real life examples of success?

Q9:  What more do you want to share with us?

Q10:  Any last words of advice?

If you still need more after tonight’s chat, then visit www.gohachi.com

Or check out this presentation on Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/rachnaspace/Hachi-13221374

Go Hachi!


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