Have You Read Any Good Business Books Lately?

By: Howard Lewinter Tuesday March 12, 2013 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, business tip, biz tip, books


The Secret to Success is.....

drive to success

Do you…

    • Want to have a better life?

    • Want to make more money?

    • Want to improve your work relationships?

    • Want to improve any of your business skills?

If I gave you the simple formula to success would you follow it?

Here it is: Read a business book. Read a trade journal. Read the Wall Street Journal or USA Today.

I am always surprised when I suggest this to business people and they tell me they just don’t have the time to read a book. But yet they admit to spending countless hours dealing with problems – everything from time management to co-worker issues to unanticipated production problems to analyzing marketing campaigns and costs. When you identify a business problem or business issue you want to improve upon, you can find the answers in a book someone has already written.

We live in the age of communication. Literally, thousands of business books are written every year. Not to mention what’s on the internet with blog posts, tweets and other online media. Most books are 200-300 hundred pages long. If you only read 10 pages a day every day you’ll have read one book a month, 12 books a year. Imagine how much more business knowledge you’ll have. If you don’t want to read those 10 pages per day listen to audio versions of books during your daily commute or exercise time. Another option is to subscribe to condensed versions of books. You can research favorite sources for both audio and condensed book editions online.

It would be helpful to spend 30 minutes to an hour per day on the internet researching up-to-the-minute business information on what matters to you most. Or be a regular participant on a Tweet Chat (like @LinkedInChat on Tuesdays at 8:00 PM/ET). If you just do these few things you will be well ahead of your competitors.

There are many factors that go into being a success – such as good fortune, timing and talent. But the one aspect that puts you ahead of everyone else is business knowledge.  In the old days you had to learn by trial and error. Today there is such a vast amount of information on business that just by reading you can begin to eliminate potential costly mistakes.

So the next time someone asks you if you’ve read any good books lately, say, “Yes!”

And if you haven’t read Viveka von Rosen’s book, LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour A Day,
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(This is Viv - we just interviewed Thomas Corley who wrote "Rich Habits" and one of the things he mentions is how rich people read up to four books a month.  83% of them!  Its also a really good book worth reading.  And of course you should start with my book .  But seriously - pick up a book - or download one today - and read past the first 20 pages.)


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