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LinkedInChat having an Impact!

I used to have a radio show, and the thing that drove me nuts about it was feeling like I was speaking into the abyss.  I never knew who was listening or if I was having an impact.

Fast forward a year or two, and I am not moderating the #LinkedInChat every Tuesday night.  I love it, because it most certainly is NOT an abyss.  We have amazing folks participating - and check it out - its even sparked a few blog articles!

The latest is this very thoughtful article by MELODY MEINERS called: The Unrules of using LinkedIn for Business Netowrking.

Take a read:

There are many reasons people are using LinkedIn today, from marketing to recruiting. Here is a look at the average user you will encounter there.

Recently Viveka von Rosen@LinkedInExpert on Twitter, hosted a live chat about one of the biggest social networks on the internet today, and, as you may guessed from her name, it wasn’t Twitter or Facebook. The site she has everyone talking about was LinkedIn, and during the chat she asked and answered some very provocative questions about the way people are using the site for B2B and B2C sales, as well as for personal business networking.

The recent Twitter chat isn’t the only talk about the site lately. The relative merits of LinkedIn are being sung all over the web, and many people are closing up Twitter shop to make their way over to the site because of the targeted, business bent the site offers.

In the past we have discussed how LinkedIn groups can be a robust professional development tool, and today we are going to highlight a couple ideas from the Twitter chat and a few other, important unwritten rules of using LinkedIn for business networking.

Love Bacon, Loathe Bacn
Bacn (pronounced the same way as the tasty breakfast meat) is a recently coined phrase used to describe all those emails you sign-up for but never read, and the spammy messages sent to you by people you know. Things like sales alerts, and we would even go as far as saying those emails grandma send everyday threatening you to forward to every important woman in your life, fall into the category of bacn. It isn’t quite a personal email, but it isn’t a proposition from a foreign prince or for an enhancement drug either.

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make on LinkedIn is using the groups to spread useless bacn… most users consider it outright spam. Make sure your comments and the conversations you start are authentic, human, and help promote the goals of the group… always.

A Picture Can Be Worth a Thousand, Not So Professional Words
During the LinkedIn chat, there was quite a bit of spirited discussion about the pictures that users are selecting for the professional profile on LinkedIn. The discussion focused in on the racy photos that seem to be popping up on the network. A point that was brought up repeatedly is that it is well worth your time and investment to have a professional headshot to use on your profiles, and, as a matter of business and personal branding, use this professional photo across all networks.

I See You Have Your Associates With You
LinkedIn straddles that world between open conversation that you can find on Twitter and more personal connections you maintain on Facebook. There are certain users who will accept and request connections with anyone, regardless of their connection in real life. These people will add the acronym “LION” onto their name, which means LinkedIn Open Networker. However, the best advice for building your network is to beware of who you connect with.

What happens when you accept a request from someone whom you may not know that has an unsavory background? Your connections will all see it. Or, what if you connect with someone you don’t know and another connection requests an introduction? Both situations are very common and will put you in a bind. Many experts on the network recommend you accept connections with care.

As LinkedIn continues to expand their offerings the network is sure to become a much more prominent marketing and business tool, especially for B2C communication. There is hardly a business who shouldn’t consider jumping into the site with both feet, but not until they have done a bit of research and understand the nuances of how the site is being used.

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