LinkedIn Skills get more Klout (with new Endorsements)

By: Viveka Monday September 24, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Skills, Endorsed Skills

Skill endorsements are now available!

Have you been to LinkedIn Skills lately?  It might look familiar (kinda like Klout).  You can now endorse a 1st level

connection's skill on their profile.  Here's how you do it...

To endorse someone's skill

  1. Scroll down to the Skills & Expertise section of a connection's profile.

  2. Click the name of the skill, or the + symbol next to the skill.

Your name and picture will appear next to the skill on that person's profile, and an update regarding the endorsement will appear in both of your network update streams. An email will also be sent to the person you've endorsed. The most endorsed skills will move to the top of the Skills & Expertise section.

Why is this a good thing?  Well, its a win/win.  The person you are endorsing gets endorsed, and you get in front of them, so to speak.  If you've been trying to get some "face time" this might be a first step.  Your picture will show up next to their skill.  Right now would be a great time to endorse someone you want to build a relationship with since this is a new offer and not too many people know about it or know how to use it!

You may also see a blue box at the top of your connection's profile that will allow you to suggest and endorse multiple skills. Suggested skills won't appear on your connection's profile until they approve them.

Again - this is a great way to get increase top of mind awareness with a connection.

To remove an endorsement of someone's skill

  1. From your connection's profile, move your cursor over the name of the skill.

  2. Click Undo.

To hide an endorsement someone gave you

  1. From your own profile, click the arrow next to endorsements for that skill.

  2. Click Hide Endorsement.

  3. Click Close.


Note: once you hide an endorsement you can't unhide it - so be careful with this!

Suggesting and endorsing unlisted skills

Your connections may endorse you for skills that aren't yet on your profile. You will see these skills in a blue box at the top of your profile. Click the X next to any you don't want to add. Then click the Add to Profile button to add the listed skills.

If you receive an email indicating that you've been endorsed for skills not yet on your profile, and you don't see the blue box on your profile, try clearing your web browser's cache and cookies. Then sign back in to LinkedIn and go to your profile. The blue box with suggested skills should appear.

Why would you do this?

To be nice, to honor someone you know who is good at something, to get your name in front of a connection's  eyes - or all of the above.

Feel free to practice on my profile!

Also  - I think Steve Martin write a better article than I dod - and you should read it here:

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