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By: Viveka Monday September 10, 2012 comments Tags: Social Media, LinkedIn Strategies, @RicDragon, Social Marketology

Why you need a Goal and Strategy in your Social Media Campaign

I am super excited to have Ric Dragon, CEO and co-founder of DragonSearch on the #LinkedInChat on Tuesday, September 11th.

Ric has more than 20 years of extensive experience in graphic design, information architecture, web development and digital marketing. He’s a super busy speaker and regular guest columnist for Marketing Land, and Social Media Monthly.  And he is going to give us a whole hour of his time!

So your homework is to make yourself familiar with his new book, Social Marketology, (McGraw-Hill, June 2012) or at least read this blog post and come prepared with any and all questions you have for him!

When I wrote LinkedIn Marketing:  An Hour a Day, I made sure that one of the first chapters focused on creating your goals for your LinkedIn presence and engagement.  Well, that is tops for Ric too when it comes to marketing with social media.  He says about his book, “Social Marketology draws off a more holistic body of knowledge that incorporates social media within in the context of larger organizational goals. By the end of this book, you will have the knowledge to implement an effective social media marketing campaign that is testable, controllable, and fully integrated within broader campaigns and goals.”

He says that because companies now have new, previously unimagined opportunities to engage directly with consumers, they need a guide that goes beyond evangelizing a particular platform or medium to providing a systematic process through which social media campaigns can be furnished. Social Marketology explicates how the most distinctive features of social media marketing—dynamic and rapidly evolving patterns of customer engagement, the broad dispersal of information across a variety of mediums, and the transparency and agility with which campaigns are conducted—can be brought to bear on a particular project, regardless of the platform being utilized.

By providing a framework around which a focused social media campaign may be constructed, Social Marketology provides a concrete method for marketing through social media that is also flexible enough to be adapted to the social media platforms of today and tomorrow.

While many social media marketing strategies don’t offer much beyond establishing an online presence and some “tips and tricks” for particular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Social Marketology draws off a more holistic body of knowledge that incorporates social media within in the context of larger organizational goals.

Since having a goal for your social marketing presence, and then having a strategy to implement those goals is so important, I thought we could tap into Ric’s wealth of knowledge in the #LinkedInChat

Questions for Ric:

Q1– Tell us a bit about yourself, your history, and how you got started.

Q2- What lead you to write Social Marketology

Q3- Tell us a bit more about your book and why we should buy it?

Q4- What kinds of goals should companies be setting for themselves in social media?

Q5- What do you think many companies are doing wrong on in their social media campaigns?

Q6- What makes an effective campaign?

Q7- What do you think is unique about your advice?

Q8–What is the one thing you wish everyone would do?

Q9- What other questions do you have for Ric?

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