LinkedIn Tip of the Day: Answers for Blog Fodder

By: Viveka Sunday December 26, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Strategies, LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers and Writer's Block

Got writer's block when it comes to your blog postings?

Are you like me – brain shut down from too much eggnog and turkey?  Can’t formulate sentences, much less think of something to write a post about?  Well, let LinkedIn help you:

  1. Open LinkedIn

  2. Under “More” click on “Answers”

  3. Go to “Advanced Answer Search”

  4. Type in a keyword of something you know something about (i.e. LinkedIn, OD, Project Management, IP, etc.)

  5. Take a look at the questions being asked about your area of expertise

  6. Open an interesting question

  7. Answer it in your blog – OR - see if you’ve already answered it in a blog

  8. Use the text from your blog to answer the question – and add the link (and because it will be so thoughtful and useful you might get the “expert” rating from the question poster!)

So there you go!

LinkedIn Tip of the Day  - Bonus Round

>>>>   If you are a prolific blogger – you might just check for questions you’ve already answered and just post your answers with a link to your blog, driving traffic to your website and positioning yourself as a SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Happy Holidays!

PS – if there is a question you have about LinkedIn, please feel free to email me and I might write a post for you with the answer.  So what questions about LinkedIn do you have?

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