LinkedIn�s Labor Day Treat � Adding Connections Just Got More Labor Intensive!

By: Viveka Monday September 3, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen, Add connections, Add email

You Can Still Add Individual Email Addresses and CSV files on LinkedIn

If you actually took the weekend off, congratulations. If you didn't, you might've seen that LinkedIn changed how you Add Connections – well, at least the look of it!

Add Connections

The green Add Connections link is still the same on the top right-hand side of the page, but that's where everything changes. Or at least has the appearance of changing!

Adding Email Contacts for Email Services

It's a cleaner screen, and I like that it's pretty explanatory how to add Gmail, EarthLink, Unique Domains, Yahoo or Hotmail addresses.

Adding Email Contacts from your own Domain

I especially like that it is now much easier to add your own unique domain email address ([email protected]) since many of us have our own websites and our own email addresses now.

If you have another domain (Comcast, AOL etc.) you can click on “Any Email” to upload those contacts.  Check out all your options below!


Do you do better with video?  Then here's a video of all the changes:


Adding CSV Files

What might not be as clear is how to add a CSV file or individual email address. In order to do that you (still) need to click on the little box that says “Any email.” Then you will get the “More ways to connect” option. The two links beneath the “More ways to connect” header are the “Upload contacts file” link and the “Invite by individual email” link. This is really what you were able to do in previous generations “Add Connections” screen. So it hasn't gone away, it's just a lot harder to find.

In order to upload a contact list you just click on upload contacts file, look for your CSV file on your desktop (or wherever you keep it,) and upload your contacts. If you're not sure on how to upload CSV file, here's an example of how to do it in Outlook. (LinkedIn will give you tips on how to upload CSV files from other services if you click on this link:

To Save Contacts as a CSV file:

    1. Open Outlook

    1. Select “Import and Export” from the File menu

    1. When the wizard opens, select “Export to a file” and click the “Next” button

    1. Select “Comma separated values (Windows)” and click the “Next” button

    1. Select the Contacts folder you would like to export and click the “Next” button

    1. Choose a filename and a place to save the file (for instance, “Contacts.csv” on the Desktop) and click the “Next” button

    1. Confirm what you are exporting: make sure the checkbox next to “Export…” is checked and click the “Next” button

Individual Email Addresses

The “Invite by individual email” link will open up a box that allows you to simply type in your email addresses  - oneor many separated by a comma. You can also cut and paste a list of text emails here. So we haven't lost the functionality, but it's not as clear or easy as it was before.


A little bit more labor intensive for Labor Day! Way to go LinkedIn.

Anyway, what are you doing reading this post? Going joy your Labor Day weekend. That's what I plan to do. Of course before you go, remember to follow me at



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