LinkedIn’s New Profile User Interface Work-Arounds

By: Viveka Tuesday August 28, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Strategies, New LinkedIn UI, LinkedIn UI, LinkedIn UI Fixes, User Interface fixes

Where did vCards and Network Statistics Go?

Here are just a few of the areas affected by the new UI - and people are not happy:


  • vCards

  • Network Statistics

  • Colleagues and Classmates New to LinkedIn

  • Messages, Introductions and InMails

  • Website Info

  • Recommendations

As you might have read in my last post, despite LinkedIn’s newer “cleaner” look, the new UI is not getting rave reviews.

Amongst the biggest complaints has been the removal of Network Statistics and vCards.  However, there are some imperfect work-arounds.  I am hoping that with the complaints people have been posting, LinkedIn will reconsider the removal of these two items and reinstate them.

Why did they remove them?  I honestly have no idea and LinkedIn isn’t saying much.  My guess is that Network Statistics seemed to be broken half the time anyway, and vCards might have made it too easy for spammers to put you on their mailing lists.  But who can really say what is going on in the minds of the folks who run LinkedIn these days.

Network Statistics Fix

While you can no longer access Network Statistics from your  “Contacts” tab, you can still find your first level connections as well as your total network size on your home page under “Your LinkedIn Network” as seen below.


Getting your Network's Statistics

If you want to see how many 1st and second level connections you have, then you can click on “new People in your Network” link right below and when the search screen pops up, uncheck the 1st and Group categories up top.  Even though it says “new people” this is your entire network.Not quite as quick as clicking the “Network Statistics” tab that they have had since the beginning of time, but there you have it.

vCard Fix

There really isn’t an easy fix for the missing vCard link.  That being said, you can always do it the old-fashioned way (like we used to say 3 years ago) and cut and paste the person’s contact info into your CRM or contact management system.

I was not sure if or how the lack of a vCard tab would affect some of LinkedIn’s third party apps that use your connection info (like ConnectedHQ, HereOn.Biz and Hookflash) but they still seem to be working.

To get a connection’s contact info just click on your “Connections” find them and click on their name and then copy and paste their info.  Or, if you are already on their profile just copy and paste their contact info from the right side of their profile page.

A good practice since we no longer have vCards is to go to a person’s profile as soon as you connect with them, tag them and pull their info.  A bit pain staking for sure, but the practice will service you well in the long run.

I did notice in using my smart phone and iPad as well as CardMunch that I still have easy access to my connections’ contact info.  So this might be the excuse you needed to buy that iPad!!!

Note:  Hey - I just found out  in the LinkedInChat that if someone sends you a message and you hold the cursor over their name you get the vCard option!

Colleagues and Classmates New to LinkedIn

You used to be able to click on your Company or School name at the bottom of your home page to find Colleagues and Classmates to connect to.  You can still find them in the “Add Connections” link under your “Contacts” tab.  They are now Alumni and Colleagues.  Same look once you click on the link, though.

Messages, Introductions and InMails

The ability to invite someone to connect to you is still pretty obvious in the big blue connect button.  (You will still have to jump through the usual hoops of telling LinkedIn how you know the person.)  But the ability to ask for an Introduction is now hidden in the drop down box to the right of “Send InMail” which I think is really sneaky and uncool.  I like that they are calling this section “engage” But maybe they could make it easier to engage?????

"Engaging" on LinkedIn

You can also ask for more info (and send a personal message if they are a first level connection), look for references (folks you have in common who have worked with the individual) and Share, Export (to PDF) Save (if you have a paid account) and Flag a profile here.

Website Info

While you can still add and customize your web info by clicking on the little Rolodex card (which one reader pointed out the younger generation might not even recognize!) and clicking on edit and then “other”, only the first 2 websites will show up in this section when someone else looks at your profile.  So make sure your first two are the most important of your websites or website pages!

All three will still show up under the “Additional Information” link.


There are no more recommendation counts.  Of course you should still try and get the best recommendations possible, but now your network will literally have to go into your profile and count them.  I think this means I'm going to go in and delete all the recommendations that are no longer relevant or impactful!

So that’s my “fixes” for the latest round of complaints or comments about the new UI.  But I’m sure more will pop up as time goes by.  So make sure to keep an eye on this blog!

What other questions do you have about the new UI?

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