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By: Viveka Tuesday August 9, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Advice, #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn help, LinkedIn Search, Advanced Search, @ProsperityGal

Searching on LinkedIn

Looking for Mr. GoodLink on Tonight's LinkedInChat

One of the biggest complaint’s I hear from people about LinkedIn is that they can’t actually find who they are looking for. Well we are here to help!  You don't want to waste your time bumping in the vast noisy space of LinkedIn - meeting the wrong people - making the wrong connections.  You need the right tools and techniques to find Mr. or Mrs. GoodLink - the right person at the right time for your needs: (Client, Vendor, Partner, Employee, Reference, Employer, etc)


LinkedIn Search Interview:

First of all, listen to this short interview I did yesterday with Michele Price - @ProsperityGal on Twitter.   She was voicing her own frustrations with LinkedIn and its search tools.  Hopefully I answered all her questions and there eight be some useful advice in there for you to!  We covered:

    • Advanced Search

    • Searching through Companies

    • Searching through Groups (and "Reverse Engineering")

    • Different ways of connecting:  Invitations, Introductions, Messages

Link to interview here:  http://bit.ly/mUrthF


LinkedInChat Questions:

And then join our LinkedInChat to answer – and learn from the questions below:

    • Q1)  Do you ever have problems finding the right contact on LinkedIn?

    • Q2)  Do you ever have problems connecting to that person when you find them.

    • Q3)  What are some of the barriers – that you have discovered – to a good search result?

    • Q4)  What are some ways you have found to circumvent these barriers?

    • Q5)  What do you think good connection etiquette entails?

    • Q6)  Once you are connected to someone – how many is too many messages to them?

    • Q7)  What do you consider spam?

    • Q8)  Do you have any final best connection practices to impart?


More resources:

Hour long interview with Michele:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/womeninbusinessradio-blog/id418094084

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