More of Your LinkedIn Questions Answered: Groups, Engagement and Job Seeking

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Your Questions Answered…

Every Tuesday night we do a #LinkedInChat on twitter to answer those driving questions you have that have not been answered.  Since some of you can’t make the chat, I decided to ask my Twitter following throughout the week what they wanted to know.  Each and every one of the questions and suggestions below could demand a full hour of LinkedInChat (and maybe we’ll do just that.) In the meantime, here are the questions for Tuesday’s LinkedInChat – brought to us from our great followers on Twitter!

For those of you who like to prepare for your chats with helpful answers and valuable website links  - here are the questions:


  1.  @GetGravitas (Jay Lebo) suggests: “What are best practices for starting/running your own LI group.”

  2.  He also asks: “How about the truth about LinkedIn groups? (Is there really any value there?)”

  3.  Also:  “What are some good lead generation best practices for LI?”

  4.  @AreMorch (Are Morch ) Would like more “Tips on Lead generation/conversion.”

  5.  @prforsmallbiz asks:  “What is the best way contacting people without having to use InMail?

  6.  @MarcyK33 (Marcy Kremer) would like to know “more about status updates for company pages. Some have them, most don't. Can't find any info on them.”

  7.  @fundraisinisfun (Ephraim Gopin ) would like to know the “best way to find a job via LinkedIn”




I have covered (although not extensively – so please feel free to jump in!) how to use groups effectively on LinkedIn in a few blog posts and videos:

Using groups for more and better relationships:

Groups:  Your Rolodex on Steroids:

1.  There are a few groups I find useful (LinkChat, LinkedStrategies) and some groups I join merely for their size and ability t make my network bigger and me more visible (LinkedHR, Jobs and Toplinked).

2.  Groups are a great way to connect with warm leads.   If a member is interacting in a group that happens to focus on what you do for a living, especially if they are asking questions you can answer, then you have a wonderful opportunity to engage with someone who could very well become your next client or customer!

3.  This is even more powerful when you own the group because you can send these folks an announcement every week!  (Just don’t make it a sales message!)  Some great examples of how to do this well are LinkedStrategies (with Randy Schrumm and Nathan Keivman) and LinkedSignal (with Greig Wells)

4.  If you create your own group: Describe it well in the title and description!  Use your keywords and pop in a USP (unique selling proposition) What do they get for joining your group?  What is the WIIFM?

5.  Make sure to create group rules. (No spam or selling and whatever else your DO’s and DON’Ts are for the members of your group.)

LinkChat Group Rules

6.  Use and Manage Message Templates

  • Create, manage and automatically send custom messages to people interested in this group.

  • Create templateRequest-to-join Message 
Create and automatically send a custom message to people who request to join this group.

  • Welcome Message Template:  Create a custom welcome message to people when you approve them for membership in this group.

  • Create templateDecline Message 
Create and automatically send a custom message to people when you decline their requests to join this group.

  • Create templateDecline-and-Block Message 
Create and automatically send a custom message to people when you decline their requests to join this group and block any future requests.

7.  MONITOR MONITOR MONITOR!  Don’t let the spammers get control.  You have control of your group.  Make sure to monitor it daily and get rid of those spammers.  Or let your group do it for you in the group settings section.  If you lock down what people can post to your group, you might get better content and keep and engage the members you do have more effectively.



Lead Generation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is still a social media site – meaning you still have to engage with valuable information!  Some simple steps to find and engage others:

  1.  Use LinkedIn’s many tools to see who you can reconnect with -  Its always easier to sell to existing clients.  As my friend Adrienne Zoble of Zoble and Associates asks:  Does everyone you know know everything you do?  Use LinkedIn to find those folks and update them.

  2.  Send out engaging updates –but no more than once a day.  With the onset of Signal, updates are now searchable.  So share your knowledge with your tribe (and make sure your updates are visible to everyone.)

  3.  Tag your connections and send them a useful piece of information in a message (and your contact info at the bottom.)  This is not a sales pitch that will just be ignored.  Send them valuable content so they WANT to open the letter!


Connecting on LinkedIn:

Last week’s LinkedIn chat was all about engagement and connecting (without InMails)– read more about it here:

Job Seeking with LinkedIn:

This one deserves its own blog post and LinkedInChat – and so will waive any responses until then.  Maybe we can get Greig Wells with to be our special guest?

Miscellaneous Answers:

Company Status Updates:

A company itself cannot do an update on LinkedIn – however, what you might be seeing is when a company feeds its own blog into the company page.  Like so:








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