Marketing Must Read: "Do It! Marketing" by David Newman

By: Viveka Friday April 12, 2013 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, books, marketing, David Newman

About the Do It! Marketing Book


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The thing that makes the book unique is that it's a SALES-focused marketing book. So many marketing books focus on marketing for the sake of marketing. I've collected hundreds of ideas, strategies, tools, tactics, and scripts that will help you do marketing specifically to drive sales. More sales. Better sales. Bigger sales. That's the result of any strong marketing program. The other thing that I'm really excited about is the dozen or so "DO IT! Success Strategy Sidebars" throughout the book, with contributions from outside experts like you, Viv - folks whom I love and respect and who do great work in the realm of marketing, sales, social media, and business development. The book is part action handbook, part field guide, part marketing manual, with a big dose of kick-in-the-butt do-this-now tactics. Even though the subtitle says "77 ideas" there are about 200 ideas in the book if you look at each section and count all the specific action items, templates, tools and scripts under each one. Sorry to say - truth in advertising is dead!

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About the Author


David Newman is the author of "DO IT! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Competition" (AMACOM, 2013). David works with executives and entrepreneurs who want to position themselves as thought-leaders and generate MORE leads, BETTER prospects and BIGGER sales. David's background overlaps three key areas. First, David has worked inside organizations as the client; he has also worked as a marketing speaker and consultant himself for Fortune 500 companies; and finally, he's helped over 300 speakers, authors, executives and entrepreneurs raise their game and deliver their highest value. Sitting on all three sides of the table, you learn a thing or two!

What People Are Saying About the Book

"Do It! Marketing has cracked the code on marketing success. And the code is simple - there is no code! Rather David shows you step-by-step how to own the marketing process and get results. No matter what got you here, this book will get you there!"  -- Marshall Goldsmith, author of MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There

"One of the most practical marketing books you will ever read - so what are you waiting for?" -- John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing

"Wow! This is a terrific book - loaded with practical, proven and often surprising methods and techniques to dramatically increase your sales." -- Brian Tracy, author of High Performance Selling

"Do It! Marketing is jam-packed with powerful marketing secrets that you can implement tomorrow. David Newman tells you what you need to hear in ways you need to hear it. But he says the most important thing in the title of his masterful book. If you follow David's wise advice, it will lead you right to the bank." -- Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the bestselling Guerrilla Marketing Series of Books

"A terrific book packed with a gazillion smart ideas you can use immediately to supercharge your marketing. But beyond all those great ideas, Do It! Marketing shares key concepts and simple systems that will bring you more business with much less struggle." -- C.J. Hayden, author of Get Clients Now!

#LinkedIn Chat Questions:

LinkedIn Chat Tuesday April 16th

1. What advice are you giving businesses today that is drastically different from five years ago?

2. With so much noise out there, how can businesses make themselves heard? How can they get 'above the noise'?

3. What are some sales no-no's that you see people make?

4. With so many marketing options out there, how do you suggest business owners prioritize or focus their efforts?

5. What are some myths and misconceptions your clients have about using LinkedIn?

6. What are three things people can do right now to get a boost in their marketing efforts?

7. How can people focus their marketing efforts and not feel overwhelmed, scattered, and lost?

8. What is thought leadership marketing and why is that important these days? 

9. What marketing opportunities are people missing that may seem too simple or too obvious?


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