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9 Reasons Business People Think LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Are a Good Idea

By: superadmin Monday January 2, 2017 comments

It has long been said that to succeed in anything business, sales, marketing, football you first must uncover where the people are and find a way to be there first so they find you. Well, that may not apply to football exactly, as there you are attempting to find where the people arent. However, it all comes down to the people equation to achieve success. Which is exactly why LinkedIn marketing strategies have become a good idea. Lets look at 9 clear cut reasons as to why you too should be using LinkedIn Business Community My guess is that you are in business to increase your profit in some way. Be it through sales or connecting right people together (which requires sales) or what have you. With the power of the Web you could do this with a FB fan page, YouTube video,... Read More

Flipping The Branding Model Upside Down (Or How Everything I Knew About Branding Turned Out To Be False)

By: superadmin Tuesday February 9, 2016 comments Tags: Branding, Social Media, Building a Brand

Flipping The Branding Model Upside Down (Or How Everything I Knew About Branding Turned Out To Be False)

By JR Little JR Little is a top media professional with over fifteen years experience in marketing and advertising, across multiple sectors with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies. From technology to finance to healthcare to consumer goods, JR has helped to shape and develop the messages and brands of some of the biggest companies in the world, around the world. Having started his career on a farm in rural North Carolina, JR quickly realized that the farmer''s life wasn''t for him, and moved into media and advertising. He found his niche in helping companies to adopt a data-centric (rather than brand-centric) approach and by listening to consumers - to intimately understand and consistently meet their needs and desires. JR currently lives in London,... Read More

LinkedIn's Elevate to Harness the Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

By: superadmin Tuesday April 21, 2015 comments Tags: John White, WOMM, Word of Mouth Market, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Strategies

LinkedIn's Elevate to Harness the Power of Word of Mouth Marketing

What is Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)? "WOMM is about harnessing the power of people to build brand awareness . " Earlier this week LinkedIn launched, Elevate, to a select number of companies. Elevate is a new tool for businesses aimed at making companies more social by getting greater engagement from their employees. The idea is simple, when employees engage on company content it amplifies the reach and potential impact it can have on the target market. Many companies are plagued with low levels of social engagement from employees. Elevate enables employees to easily share company content across their personal LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. As companies leverage content marketing to tell their brand story via blogs, white papers, videos, websites, and social media,... Read More

Is SWAM a LinkedIn Epic Failure? By John White

By: superadmin Thursday March 19, 2015 comments Tags: John White, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Spam, LinkedIn SWAM, LinkedIn Groups

Is SWAM a LinkedIn Epic Failure? By John White

By John White LinkedIn groups are a mega opportunity for networking and personal branding. They are a fantastic way to share your own content, and engage on the content of others' you would like to connect with. Groups provide you with a targeted networking opportunity that you can't get elsewhere. Related Post : Are You a LinkedIn Influencer? However, in my opinion there is a huge glitch in the system that is causing a degraded user experience within all LinkedIn groups. The glitch I am referring to is Site Wide Automated Monitoring (SWAM), LinkedIn's automated system they put in place in an effort to prevent users from spamming in groups. With SWAM, if any group moderator either intentionally or unintentionally flags one your posts, your posting status becomes... Read More

Globalization via LinkedIn

By: superadmin Wednesday December 17, 2014 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Connections, LinkedIn Globaliztio

By John White, Several months ago, I met a gentlemen from Pakistan on LinkedIn. Since then we have gotten to know one another by trading messages, and from interacting on each other's posts, etc. We look very different, have different cultures, practice different religions, and come from countries where negative stereotypes of each other are common place on both sides. Despite all that, we have forged a friendship that I have enjoyed very much. I found him to be very friendly, kind, and very knowledgeable regarding business. In addition to my friend in Pakistan, I have made connections with business professionals in countries all over the world. While my current position is a domestic role, I know that my global network will benefit me one day when I am in an... Read More

How to Get Your Article Featured on LinkedIn's Pulse

By: superadmin Tuesday December 2, 2014 comments Tags: John White, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Pulse

Heres an article I wrote for LinkedIn Pulse that got a lot of shares. Viveka asked me if I would share them on her website as well. Does your inbox ever get flooded with people asking you the same question over and over? Well mine has been lately. There is a very hot topic out there that is leaving many of LinkedIn's content creators puzzled. Several of my articles have been featured on Pulse. I have been featured on Business Travel, Recruiting and Hiring Sections, Sales Solutions Sections, and more. Ever since my first article got featured on Pulse and went viral across the internet, I have been getting a massive influx of messages from people from all of over the world asking me: How do I get my article featured on Pulse? ... Read More

Interview With Joe Fernandez, Founder and CEO of Klout

By: superadmin Thursday November 13, 2014 comments Tags: Klout, Cyril Bladier, Joe Fernandez, Influence, Klout by Lithium

Joe Fernandez (@JoeFernandez ) is the founder and CEO of Klout , a company which is especially famous with the Klout Score, which measures online influence. A few weeks ago, Joe came to Europe and I had the opportunity to meet him. Here are some tips to better understand what influence is and how it is measured. Joe defines Klout as the standard for measuring online influence. Klout allows everyone _ at the moment from a Twitter account, but identification from mail address is being studied_ to measure its influence, its topics of influence and to improve it. Once registered, it's very fast, you get your "Klout Score (from 1 to 100) and you can compare to your alter egos. For Klout Twitter is the "key network" on the Internet. Recently, Klout also offered to those who have... Read More

What Happens After Your LinkedIn Campaign

By: superadmin Tuesday July 29, 2014 comments Tags: Jorge Argota, LinkedIn Campaign, Google and LinkedIn, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Marketing

What Happens After Your LinkedIn Campaign

What Happens After Your LinkedIn Campaign By Jorge Argota From an analytical stand point, numbers do lie and dont always tell the story. However, digging and drilling into your analytics will help you create the story. Along the way I will discuss the analytics of social media essentials so you have a better understating of your LinkedIn marketing campaign. When we talk about a LinkedIn campaign in reference to Google analytics, there are three ways to classify your data. LinkedIn Referrals The first type is social referrals: which happens to be the organic source e.g. shares of a post or an update which, in effect, brought visitors to your website through a link. You would also want to track your paid ads on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Plug-ins Then the second is the... Read More

9 Lessons To Ensure An Effective LinkedIn Campaign

By: superadmin Friday July 25, 2014 comments Tags: Jorge Argota, LinkedIn Marketing, LinkedIn Campaign, Lead Generation

9 Lessons To Ensure An Effective LinkedIn Campaign By Jorge Argota Creating a LinkedIn campaign is a wonderful marketing channel to integrate your goals objectives. Whether youre marketing yourself or your business, LinkedIn will help you attain your objectives and goals. LinkedIn specifically caters to the B2B market. However, using LinkedIn effectively as a marketing campaign is a whole other subject. Lets dive a little deeper and empower you with digital knowledge. Lead Generation Lead generation has been around for a very long time and has evolved. As such we have to switch strategies and tactics and adapt to this channel. Building a list of quality leads should be your focus when creating a database of contacts. Customer Retention Keeping customer... Read More

LinkedIn Premium - Is it for You?

By: superadmin Monday June 16, 2014 comments Tags: Cyril Bladier, LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn Paid Accoun

LinkedIn Premium - Is it for You?

LinkedIn why take a subscription? ByCyril Bladier During my almost weekly conferences or trainings on LinkedIn, I'm often asked if it's worth taking a paid subscription on LinkedIn. Until recently, I rather put emphasis on the free features of LinkedIn and all you could do without paying. But since a few weeks, LinkedIn released new premium features making the subscription more and more interesting, especially if you want to better enjoy the power of the platform. Some features are quite old : History Taking a paid subscription on LinkedIn allows to keep a 90 days history of the people who viewed your profile. In free mode, you keep a history of the last 5 people. The majority of the profiles have less than 2 visits per day so they just have to visit... Read More