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Yes, Social Media can be Intimidating. Get over it!

By: Viveka Thursday June 17, 2010 comments Tags: Social Media

Social Media can be intimidating especially for those Of a Certain Age (Yes - that includes me!) Many of us 40+ers find the whole idea of social media intimidating. We grew up in a time and culture where we kept personal information close to the vest. We didnt share our the intimate details of our daily life. And until reality TV proved differently, we pretended we werent terribly interested in the intimate details of our neighbors, either. But then came chat rooms,, MySpace, FaceBook , Twitter and LinkedIn. The next thing you knew, it seemed like everybody was over-sharing and uploading videos about it. Jobs and scholarships were lost, marriages ended. Further reason why there was no way, no how we were getting involved with social media! But heres a painful fact we... Read More

What to do when you iPhone dies - or - the many blessings of social media

By: Viveka Tuesday June 15, 2010 comments Tags: iPhone, broken iPhone, Best Buy

The Many Blessings of Social Media My iPhone just died. I was listening to the latest Christina Aguilera and blammo nothing. Lets just say I didnt shout out Woohoo. I thought, hmm maybe a power surge? Plugged it back in nope nothing. I felt absolutely impotent. EVERYTHING is on my phone my life my connections MY SCHEDULE. My iPhone IS my CSM. Yes, of course I have it backed up in Outlook . But, well, not EVERYTHING is backed up. For whatever reason, Outlook doesnt always grab all my contact info from my phone. (Yes, I have it configured correctly) Did I mention I have a landline at my office, but not at home? Anyway, I was freaking out. Then I remembered - I have Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook! I had a VERY important phone call today, and didnt have the number. So... Read More

LinkedIn Expert Tip: How to name your group so people will find it!

By: Viveka Monday June 14, 2010 comments

Groups are an amazing resource and tool on LinkedIn. And there are A LOT of them our there. If you want your Group to get any traction, people need to be able to find it! Make sure you have your company name, or group cause in the Title section After your name, tell them what you do - LinkedintoBusiness: LinkedIn Advice, Training, and Education The Summary section is what gets seen the most. Make sure you use your keywords to explain the benefit of joining the group . Whats in it for them? In the description section you get 2000 characters to really describe what your group does. Use the keywords that best describe how people would look for you not the clever ways you describe yourself. Finally, once you... Read More

LinkedIn's New Inbox, the IDK, and a LinkedIn Expert's pet peeves

By: Viveka Saturday June 12, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips

So LinkedIn has new Inbox . Which looked promising at first. Its cleaner. The languaging makes more sense. It appears to be more intuitive. But there still is the IDK (I dont know) In fact, there are now five versions of it. I dont know if they hold the same penalization and I dont think Ill ask a bunch of people to IDK me to find out. So a couple things to remember when connecting (or not) to people on LinkedIn: You can only SEND 3000 invitations in a lifetime. Thats not 3000 accepted invitations, but 3000 invitations period. So be careful when you upload your list. If you IDK someone (say you dont know them) LinkedIn penalizes them by restricting their ability to connect in the future. You used to be able to refuse connections by... Read More

How do I make

By: Viveka Wednesday June 9, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips

I was helping my friend Eric with his LinkedIn profile. He asked me how to customize his website so that it didn't show - well - "My Website". He was wanting it to reflect his company name. (LinkedIn Expert Tip: TELL people what your website does instead) I created this short video for him explaining what to do. ... Read More

Go-Givers Find More Work: The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success for Jobseekers

By: Viveka Monday June 7, 2010 comments Tags: Job Seekers, Bob Burg, The Go-Giver, Go-Givers Sell More, John David Mann, Jobeekers, Finding a Job

Anyone who has been around me for more than ten minutes, knows how much I love Bob Burg and the book he wrote with John David Manns : The Go Giver. I think "The Go-Giver" absolutely exemplifies the best of social media culture (although he doesnt mention social media at all!) "The Go-Giver" and their new book: Go-Givers Sell More basically tell us that by giving of our time and talent, we can attract much more business and compensation (all forms) than by constantly trying to "sell sell sell" and "get get get." I was recently asked to give a Key Note for the Longs Peak Networking Group . I just assumed Id be speaking on social media because - you know - thats what I do ! But they wanted me to speak to their jobseekers about something else. About the need for generosity... Read More

The Latest Twitter Stats from the Huffington Post

By: Viveka Sunday April 18, 2010 comments Tags: Twitter, LinkedIn Expert, Social Media, Number of tweets, Twitter statistics, Twitter analytics

Darn I just cant keep up! No sooner do I create a power point presentation, and Twitter ups its membership exponentially. I was looking at a deck I created for a class back in 2008 and the number of members was only 3 million now were at 106 million? (I thought Id better round up since by the time I publish this thats how many Twitter users there will be and by the time you actually read this it will be 120 million!) Anyway, to check out the original blog, go here: Here's a summary of the facts and figures Twitter shared at Chirp : Twitter now has 105,779,710 registered users. New users are signing up at the rate of 300,000 per day. 180 million... Read More

Women in Social Media Series: Social Media Marketing Ninja - Cecilia Lu

By: Viveka Saturday April 17, 2010 comments Tags: Cecilia Lu, Viveka von Rosen, Female Entrepreneurs

For todays blog on amazing women in social media, I interviewed Cecilia Lu, Networking Ninja for Kiwanu Marketing. Youll be able to read more about her in my soon to be released eBook: New Women of New Media 10 Interviews with Smart Women Making a Difference in the World of Social Media Cecilia Lus passion is forging relationships with people through social media. As the networking ninja of Kiwano Marketing, she stealthily leaps at any chance to make new connections. Cecilia has worked primarily with small businesses and non-profits in the past and is well versed in taking small ideas and budgets to the next level. Her experience to the new and growing social media field provides valuable expertise for small business in the planning and implementation stages. Viveka: You... Read More

Guy Kawasaki Nails it Again! Ten Ways for Small Businesses to Use LinkedIn

By: Viveka Wednesday April 14, 2010 comments Tags: Guy Kawasaki, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn's Latest Blog post has some great tips from social media uberkind Guy Kawasaki. You can read the original here : I'll be doing a teleseminar on Thursday April 15th at 3:00 MST going into a little more depth about these and other LinkedIn strategies for small business owners. To sign up go to or contact @CertifiedSM on Twitter! Here's what Guy has to say: Ten Ways for Small Businesses to Use LinkedIn Posted: 12 Apr 2010 07:02 AM PDT Ed. note : This is a guest post from Guy Kawasaki , co-founder at AllTop, syndicated from his web column on American Express OPEN Forum blog. Feel free to leave a comment, share a favorite small business tip or ask Guy a question in the comments section. When I first blogged about ten... Read More