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Social Media, Women and

By: Viveka Tuesday September 15, 2009 comments Tags: Networking, LinkedIn, Social Media, Add new tag, Social Media Woman

First off, let me say - I actually like men. I get these stats from another source. That being said: According to : men resist intimacy, are active, independent, objective, logical, detached, manipulative, ambitious, intimidating, visual, and aggressive. (Hey - I'm not the one who said it!) One might postulate that - traditionally - the business world has been very "masculine" in nature. It's had to be to find success in our culture. But with the onset of social media - well, the times they are a'changin! Here are some more facts. According to Stephanie Holland of , its boomer women that are gaining ground as the most powerful consumers: Boomer women are more financially empowered than any previous generation of women (Mary Brown)... Read More

LinkedIn isn't Kidding: Name and Name Only!

By: Viveka Tuesday August 25, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, Social Media Speaker, LinkedIn Name Field

Was a time I was listed on LinkedIn's People Search first page (and usually in the first few positions) as "LinkedIn Expert", "LinkedIn Trainer," "LinkedIn Speaker, " "Social Media Speaker," and "Social Media Trainer" etc, etc. You get the picture. That was when I had my name simply as Viveka von Rosen So just use your first name in the first name field Your last name in the last name field And ladies - you now have a maiden name field. And please, take LinkedIn's End User Agreement seriously! ... Read More

LinkedIn Expert Asks: Glitch or Another Way to for LinkedIn to Restrict its Own Growth?

By: Viveka Monday August 17, 2009 comments Tags: Networking, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Invitations, LinkedIn updates, Add new tag, LinkedIn Inbox

Oops - they've done it again. LinkedIn has taken away another one of its tools that helps people to connect. Was a time (like last week) you could send a customized invitation to an individual (you can still customize an "imported contacts" invitation). That meant just in case you didn't know which John Smith you were connecting to, you could write: "Hi - we met at Joe's Bar and Grill and had that great discussion about LinkedIn. I forgot to get your business card, but would love to connect to you. Please accept my invitation to be a part of my LinkedIn Professional network. If this is the wrong John Smith, please archive this message. Have a great day." Ah - but now that little "custom invite" button has been removed from an individual invitation - if you don't have... Read More

The Good the Bad and the Stalker-y on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Monday August 17, 2009 comments Tags: Networking, LinkedIn, LinkedInExpert, Social Media, Add new tag

OK - you just read me complain about the fact that LinkedIn has taken away your ability to send a customized invite to an individual. That still sticks in my craw. ( The Bad ) But I do like LinkedIn's attempts to make themselves a more sociable site. For instance, on the home page you can now get ALL kinds of information about your connections. (Of course - this is much more useful to someone who has a small and strategic network). So this is a good thing. Especially if you like facebook. You can see things like your connections': Latest tweet Latest update, Latest groups they joined People they connected to As well as what people think about them! Wait a second - that's a little stalker-y if you ask me! ... Read More

The Ten

By: Viveka Friday July 31, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn and Twitter, Social Media, Social Media Speaker, Social Media Tips

The Ten Be's of Social Media Be relevant Be informative - give information away - a lot Be human - create relationships Be current Be substantial Be transparent (be able to back your claims up) Be in touch (pick up the phone!) Be clear on your brand Be clear on your keywords (OPTIMIZE) Be prolific Don't' BE PUSHY More on social media at the Best Practice Institute in November ... Read More

Social Media Speaker and Self Proclaimed LinkedIn Expert can admit that she ‘might’ have been wrong!

By: Viveka Saturday June 6, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, Social Media Speaker

Turns out I wasn't - wrong that is... While this technique got me found on Google. It got me shut down on LinkedIn. DON"T DO IT! At least if you are known as "The LinkedIn Expert ise (Which is self proclaimed - and occasionally fallible.) ... Read More

Social Media Networking Guru and My Friend @KevinHouchin Talking About Elevator Speeches

By: Viveka Thursday June 4, 2009 comments

Elevator Speech for Lawyers from The Learned Lawyer - CBA-CLE on Vimeo . ... Read More

Social Media Strategist and LinkedIn Expert shares tips on growing a network

By: Viveka Monday May 18, 2009 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedInExpert, Social Media, Add new tag, LinkedIn Expert, Miami Herald, LION

By BRIDGET CAREY AND NIALA BOODHOO [email protected] Viveka von Rosen considers herself a promiscuous LinkedIn Networker: She always says yes. The LinkedIn strategist is what's called a LION, which stands for LinkedIn Open Networker. Out of her 5,500 (now 7000+) connections on LinkedIn , she estimates she personally knows only about 10 percent of them. She runs the site m and is chief social media officer at Integrated Alliances in Colorado. We came across von Rosen and the term LION last month when we saw her promote a chat for social media enthusiasts on Twitter. But connecting with thousands of people you don't know seems like it's against everything we stand for in this column. By being a LION,... Read More

LinkedIn Expert Says: Ten Things NOT to do on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Saturday May 2, 2009 comments Tags: Integrated Alliances, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, Social Media Speaker, Social Media Tips

Here's the bonus right up front - when LinkedIn tells you your profile is 100% complete, don't believe it! Here's why: 1. Don't put anything in the name field - other than your name. I catch many "super users" (usually recruiters) making this common mistake. Thinking they will be more "contactable" they add email addresses, phone numbers and group affiliations into the "name" field (when editing "Basic Information" on LinkedIn. ) They think that: John A. Smith ([email protected]) LION will get them more hits than a simple: John Smith (Hey - I did this too when I first started on LinkedIn) The problem is that LinkedIn will categorize you incorrectly, which means you'll be harder to find when someone types your name in. It also means you will be harder to find in the "contacts"... Read More

Social Media Speaker and LinkedIn Expert asks: Is Social Media Right for You?

By: Viveka Tuesday April 28, 2009 comments Tags: Integrated Alliances, Healing Path

Social Media and You: Or - How I Doubled my Business in a Year If you have been watching ABC, or bought shoes from Zappos! lately - then you've been touched by social media. You can't avoid it, don't even try. No doubt you've seen your kids "message", their fingers moving faster than the speed of light? And wasn't that guy who created facebook TM a young whippersnapper of 19 (now an aged 24 year old billionaire)? So one must ask oneself, "Seriously, how could a tool utilized in such crazy, time wasting ways be a useful form of communications?" If you think social media (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, blogging, YouTube, etc.) is a waste of time, you are not alone. But wait - there must be something to it when facebook is bigger than some countries (population wise) and... Read More