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A-Train Marketing has good Advice for the Networker

By: Viveka Friday November 7, 2008 comments Tags: Networking, Social Media, A Train Marketing

The Hook-Up - Taking the work out of networking Don't be That Guy How to avoid over-compensating for your small network The guy who walks into the room, makes a b-line to the bar, chugs his first beer, and has seven more drinks in the next hour. Or the guy who gushes about his recent yacht purchase, his booming stock portfolio and his ever-growing relationship with the mayor. Or what about the lady who seems to think that airing her dirty laundry is a good icebreaker. Let's face it: no one wants to be that guy. Networking shouldn't be about trash-talking your co-workers, it's not a beer chugging contest and it's not a place to brag about your financial status. It's a place to meet... Read More

5 Twitter Tricks I Can’t Live Without

By: Viveka Thursday November 6, 2008 comments Tags: Social Media, Twitter, FreeRangeMom, LinkedInExpert

Props to Peggy Dolane and her Rough Drafts blog for helping out us newbies!!!! 5 Twitter Tricks I Can’t Live Without Posted using ShareThis ... Read More

New to Twitter

By: Viveka Tuesday November 4, 2008 comments Tags: Social Media, LinkedIn and Twitter

So while I might have a really great understanding of linkedIn, I am a Twitter Newbie. But unlike LI, which can sometimes feel a little cold (who wants an "IDK"?!?), I've found most Tweeple to be really awesome and helpful. (So much so that I actually find myself using the word "Tweeple") It's not that I'm forgoing linkedIn, it's a fab business tool.... but I do find myself logging into Twitter more. ... Read More

Linkedin POst

Monday November 30, -0001 comments

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