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Your LinkedIn Photo...

By: Viveka Monday January 9, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn Photo, What to do on Linked

Keep Your Photo Professional This applies to both men and women.  Unfortunately, I see more women breaking this rule than men.  Or maybe its men creating fake accounts and using sexy lady shots to entice more professional men to connect with them.  This isn’t Amsterdam folks!  LinkedIn is for professional men and women (although not the “oldest professionals!”) Anyway - I recommend a close up and a smile. And a top.  A full body shot of you and your family, you and your car, you and that fish you caught last week is unclear and unprofessional.  I have seen some artists use artistic renderings of themselves – which is clever if your image is still clear. LinkedIn doesn’t like logos. If you remember from last week’s blog, LinkedIn’s EUA... Read More

LinkedIn: Comply or Get Spanked!

By: Viveka Friday January 6, 2012 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn EUA, End User Agreement, Compliance

What NOT to do on LinkedIn… Recently my LinkedIn account was suspended – again.  I had already written a whole series on “What NOT to do on LinkedIn” so I thought I was being compliant  - but apparently not.  So here are a few more things I recently discovered NOT to do on LinkedIn! 1.  Don’t put anything other than your name in the name field .  Put only your first LinkedIn Expert ” and enjoyed a few great days of Google visibility.  Alas, what I didn’t do was read the End User Agreement that states: “Do NOT Publish inaccurate information in the designated fields on the profile form (e.g., do not include a link or an email address in the name field). Please also protect sensitive personal information such as your email address, phone number, street... Read More

LinkedInChat – Open Q&A

By: Viveka Tuesday January 3, 2012 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat

#LinkedInChat – January 3, 2012 Happy New Year everyone! First of all, I must say thank you again to @SteveCassady and @DannyHanssel who really held down the fort, steered the ship and kept thing going on the #LinkedInChat while I was traveling all last month.   You guys are lifesavers!   And of course thanks to all the chatters who kept the conversation going  :)  Tonight’s chat is an open QA – bring your questions and answers. We’ll talk about everything LinkedIn! I’ll seed the conversation with some questions I received this week – but of course feel free to bring your own! LinkedIn Questions (Feel free to answer as well!) Q1: Do I have to pay to post a job on my LI comp profile? Q2:  Do I have to have a paid account to send a private message?... Read More

LinkedIn Giveth and LinkedIn Taketh Away…

By: Viveka Monday November 28, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn Pet Peeves

More Changes in LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Giveth: You can now invite people in Facebook to a group (although not one you own) on LinkedIn.  If you own the group you get the usual "Share on LinkedIn / Invite others" options under the "Share Group"  Tab. Granted, I tried to share a group I belong to on Facebook 3 times this morning and it didn’t work.  I’m wondering if this is LinkedIn’s indication that they will be making the foray into Facebook integration.  (Crap!  More meaningless jibber jabber on my home page!) LinkedIn Taketh Away: This morning my friend Ephraim Gopin (@FundRaisinFun) pointed out that LinkedIn has, once again, limited our ability to share information from our groups.  It used to be that any group owner or member could send... Read More

Clarity and Branding: Know Your Keywords

By: Viveka Tuesday November 15, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Skills, LinkedIn SEO, Google and LinkedIn

Branding and Keywords Who are you? What do you have to offer?  Why should I buy from you?  What makes you different?  How would I describe your services? Your brand? Your product? The clearer you are on your brand, the better you represent yourself, the more business you will attract! YOU are your Brand.  Inbound Marketing has changed the way we do business.  Whether you are a B2C, B2B, Employee or Executive, your clients want to work with individuals, not some corporate entity.  There needs to be a balance between the company, and the individual representing the company.  Even employees are becoming representatives of company brands.  For that matter, your clients and customers are becoming the unpaid sales evangelists for your brand.  So your brand MUST be... Read More

Treat Your LinkedIn Profile Like The Website It Is!

By: Viveka Tuesday November 8, 2011 comments Tags: Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Advice, LinkedIn Tip

Formatting Your LinkedIn Profile Make sure your LinkedIn profile is as least as professional in appearance as your website.  Is it formatted, clean, and free of spelling and grammatical errors?  I strongly suggest creating your LinkedIn profile first in a word document – not only so you can “catch” errors - but to get a better idea of what your profile will look like on the LinkedIn website. Some sections of LinkedIn (“Current Experience Description”, “Summary” and “Contact Me” sections are the most visible) will allow you to “pull” in bullets and special characters. In the product and services section of your LinkedIn Company profile you can now use bold and italics, but so far that is the only place.  (We’ll talk more about the great new... Read More

Social Media Resources I Use That You Might Like Too!

By: Viveka Thursday October 27, 2011 comments Tags: SOcial Media Tools, LinkedIn resources, Facebook resources, YouTube Resources, Social Bookmarking

Social Media Resources Contact Viveka on: Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Foursquare: YouTube: Social Media Tools: 12 Tools: Marketing Tools: LinkedIn: How to Use LinkedIn Skills: 20 Tips for Using LinkedIn Effectively: 100 LinkedIn Resources:  ... Read More

Town Hall Meeting - Perfect Timing!

By: Viveka Tuesday September 27, 2011 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat

Exciting Times at LinkedIn! Yesterday's town hall meeting at LinkedIn hosted none other than President Obama and was moderated by LinkedIn's own CEO Jeff Weiner . To see it click here ! LinkedIn also created a group to continue the conversation (they must not have known about the LinkedInChat group on LinkedIn: LinkChat !) Caitlin Fisher of Hellerman Baretz Communications group just interviewed me for their Blog, and here is the resulting article on Jobs Seeking for PR professionals : Sotoday is the perfect time to introduce Joshua Waldman! His new book, Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies released a few weeks ago and we get to chat with him tonight on... Read More

LinkedIn for Jobseekers: Part Two

By: Viveka Tuesday September 20, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedInExpert, LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, #LinkedInChat, @SteveCassady, LinkedIn for PR

LinkedIn for Jobseekers:  Part Two My good friend and compatriot Caitlin Fisher of Hellerman Baretz recently asked me to write a blog article for them on Social Media for the Job Seeker.  Since that is in perfect alignment with this 3 week LinkedIn for Job-seekers #LinkedInChat series we are doing, I though I would share my answers here as well. And scroll to the bottom for the questions we will ask on tonight’s #LinkedInChat moderated by @SteveCassady . (I’d be there but I’m on my way to Mexico – woohoo) Why should PR (and other) job hunters participate in Twitter and LinkedIn? Twitter:   Let’s address Twitter first – It has been, far and away, the best PR tool I have ever used.  I would say 90% of my interviews, requests... Read More