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Do you need a professional bio? Call Maryjo Faith Morgan!

By: Viveka Wednesday September 8, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen, Viveka's Bio, maryjo Faith Morgan

I have been helping people create Professional LinkedIn Profiles for almost 5 years.  And I'm pretty darned good at it.  But when it comes to working with someone to create a business bio - for your website, for speaking opps, for anything (except LinkedIn of course) - the woman to contact is Maryjo Faith Morgan! Maryjo interviewed me and 20 pages of notes later, this is the bio she created for me.  Wow.  I am even impressed with myself! My new bio: Viveka von Rosen has made a career out of helping people. As CEO of Linked Into Business , Viveka enables business professionals to make personal connections in a professional manner.  When her clients make strides in their careers, she has met her objective. Viveka focuses on working with female entrepreneurs,... Read More