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Are you ignoring your "Contact Settings" on LinkedIn?

By: Viveka Friday September 10, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn Tips, Optimizing LinkedIn, Contact Settings

Poor old Contact Settings .  Relegated to the bottom of your profile.  Oft ignored.  But did you know that with a few minor tweaks, Contact Settings can make your profile exponentially more accessible on LinkedIn? The trick is adding your contact information (an email address or phone number) to this section  usually found at the bottom of your profile.  once you do that, your contact information becomes exposed to your entire network - not just your first level of connections. I know this will make some people nervous.  I have almost 19 million people in my network, I've had my contact info in this section for years, and I rarely get unsolicited spam as a result. Caveat:  The more you expose yourself on Social Media, the more exposed you are to people who... Read More