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By: Viveka Tuesday July 14, 2015 comments Tags: Brian Carter, #LinkedInChat


Brian Carter: Social Guru and Funny Guy ! I've known Brian Carter for a LOOOOOONG time. Ok - I'll fess up, I've known OF Brian Carter for a long time because of his book LinkedInfor Business :How Advertisers, Marketers and Salespeople Get Leads, Sales and Profits from LinkedIn. And then I was privileged to get to meet Brian F2F at Social Media Marketing World (and even got to eat dinner with him - 2x!) And now I get to call him a friend. So what's the first things friends do? Ask each other for favors of course. No? Well, I did anyway! And Brian, because he's a nice guytoo, agreed to be on our #LinkedInChat tonight (July 14th).So I am superpsyched! Ok, in case you are new to social media,he's a prolific writer, has not one - but THREE podcasts, has... Read More

Constant Contact and Zakary Barron on the #LinkedInChat

By: Viveka Tuesday June 16, 2015 comments Tags: Zakary Barron, #LinkedInChat, Viveka von Rosen

Constant Contact and Zakary Barron on the #LinkedInChat

Who is ZakBarron ? Zak Barron is the Constant Contact Area Director for the Central United States and is Constant Contacts educational marketing expert in the mountain states region (CO, UT, WY, MT) Wh Zak has 15 years experience supporting small business, with a background in sales, marketing, and education. He is involved with many civic and business organizations throughout the region, and draws from his experience to be a valuable resource to small businesses, non-profits and associations inthe mountain states region. Zak is a regular contributor to numerous industry blogs, podcasts, and radio programs and has educated more than 30,000 small businesses in 7 years on behalf of Constant Contact. Zak has held multiple positions at Constant Contact... Read More

Social Selling and LinkedIn!

By: Viveka Tuesday December 9, 2014 comments Tags: Social Selling, #Lin, #LinkedInChat, Social Selling, B2B Social Selling

Social Selling and LinkedIn!

4 Awesome Social Selling Resources! Why is this topic so hot right now? Probably because people realize the old marketingclich of the pushy sales guy just doesn't work. (I didn't think people still did that and then I went to try and buy new car. Yikes!)Thankfully there are more people who seem to get it! I just got off the phone with Jon Ferrara of Nimble and I love what he had to say: Its not about social selling its about social serving creating the conversations with people who matter so you can earn their trust!" How cool is that? Chats: Social selling is definitely a hot topic in social media right now. Theres even a great weekly chat on Social Selling - #SSHour (Mondays at 4 PM ET): We're doing the #LinkedInChat... Read More

Social Selling with Ivor Kellock

By: Viveka Monday April 28, 2014 comments Tags: Ivor Kellock, Social Selling, B2B Selling, @SellingbySocial, #SocialSelling, #LinkedInChat

Social Selling with Ivor Kellock Last week was such a great success that we decided to stay on topic Social Selling on LinkedIn in this weeks #LinkedInChat! Our special guest joins us from across the pond. We are very lucky to have Ivor Kellock one of the most connected and most endorsed guys on LinkedIn! Ivor has had an eclectic career experienced many flavors of life with one common thread running through it all - 30 years in sales! Sales seems to be a dirty word these days with every conceivable title created to hide the fact that the bottom line in any business or organization is sales. One of Ivors favorite sayings (and how true it is:) Nothing happens until a sale is made (attributed to Thomas Watson senior, President of IBM from 1914 to 1956) Except of... Read More

Should You Pay for a LinkedIn Account?

By: Viveka Tuesday February 4, 2014 comments Tags: Premium Account, LinkedIn Premium Acc, Should you pay for L, #LinkedInChat

Is a LinkedIn Premium Account Worth The Money? LinkedIn's premium account seems to be a hot topic lately. Is it worth getting one? Should you pay for one? Should we have to pay for social media at all? My opinion on paying for LinkedIn's premium accounts has changed pretty much because LinkedIn has forced me to change my opinion due to its increasing limitations on the free account. Until a few years ago I believed that is long as you had a big enough network and you knew how to use the tools, you didn't need a LinkedIn a premium account. And many people still believe that (usually because they are either unwilling or uninformed about the benefits and limitations) and simply won't pay for an account. I cant blame them LinkedIn doesnt do enough to show the... Read More

Bob Burg On How To Turn Adversaries Into Allies (On LinkedIn)

By: Viveka Sunday December 1, 2013 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, Bob Burg, Adversaries into All, LinkedIn Tips

You've probably heard the saying: All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, people they know, like and trust. That's from my friend Bob Burg . Id like to share with you a bit of my history with my friend, the amazing Bob Burg. The thing is, you just never know how a small event may change your life. It all started about 6 years ago when I was having coffee with a friend. We were chatting about this new thing called social media and social media marketing. I was frustrated because most of my time with clients was spent explaining the difference between inbound and outbound marketing not the actual strategies they could employ. People just didn't seem to get it. Then my friend mentioned a book I should read called The Go-Giver .... Read More

#LinkedInChat with Trendr Co-Founder Peter Davidson

By: Viveka Monday September 16, 2013 comments Tags: Trendr, Peter Davison, Networking, referrals, Viveka von Rosen, mobile meeting, #LinkedInChat

Trendr Bringing Back F2F with LinkedIn App Trendr is a mobile meeting platform that arose out of the need for professionals to connect face to face.Using your LinkedIn profile and GPS: - Discover Professionals around you at large scale events - Meeting requests in real time that happen at Trendr Meeting Zones - Collaborate by referring professionals to each other in your network Peter Davison Aka The Loud Mouth has 15+ years of broad based business experience in start-ups, enterprise and non-government organizations. Specializing in social networking, Peter manages Trendrs business development, brand messaging and product marketing. You can reach Peter here: Twitter: @OurManInMtl Linkedin / Mail How it Works: You log-in with your... Read More

Marketing Must Read: "Do It! Marketing" by David Newman

By: Viveka Friday April 12, 2013 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, books, marketing, David Newman

About the Do It! Marketing Book The thing that makes the book unique is that it's a SALES-focused marketing book. So many marketing books focus on marketing for the sake of marketing. I've collected hundreds of ideas, strategies, tools, tactics, and scripts that will help you do marketing specifically to drive sales. More sales. Better sales. Bigger sales. That's the result of any strong marketing program. The other thing that I'm really excited about is the dozen or so "DO IT! Success Strategy Sidebars" throughout the book, with contributions from outside experts like you, Viv - folks whom I love and respect and who do great work in the realm of marketing, sales, social media, and business development. The book is part action handbook, part field guide, part... Read More

Communicating on LinkedIn - Best Practices

By: Viveka Tuesday February 5, 2013 comments Tags: #LinkedInChat, Best Practices, LinkedIn Skills, LinkedIn Tools, inviations, messages, introduction, community engagement

Communicating on LinkedIn Effective Communication on LinkedIn: Getting to Trust How to effectively engage with your network on LinkedIn.  What to do (and what NOT to do) when getting people to “Know, Like and Trust” you. Types of Engagement: Community Engagement: Profile Copy Profile Updates Company Page Updates Targeted Company Page Updates Group Discussions Polls Direct Engagement: Invitations Introductions Recommendations Endorsed Skills InMails Connection Messaging Group member Messaging Community Engagement Profile and Page Copy You engage with your audience with the copy on your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page.  From your Professional... Read More

Lance Scoular: International Man of Mystery - Ok - Of Social Media!

By: Viveka Tuesday January 22, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Social Media, Social Media Speaker, #LinkedInChat, LinkedIn Chat, Viveka von Rosen, LinkChat, Lance Scoular, The Savvy Navigator

Lance Scoular: The Savvy Navigator I am super excited to bring Lance Scoular to the #LinkedInChat. Hes an incredibly successful international businessman who will be bringing his years of experience to the chat tonight.(Read about him here: ) Not only was he raised in import, export, and shipping creating a very successful international trade business within that industry - but he is one of the thought leaders in social media strategy and training. With over 40 years as a practitioner, facilitator and trainer in the International Trade and Transport sector (Import/Export), and initially a social media sceptic, Lance was dismissive of LinkedIn and Facebook invitations he received from students and clients in early 2008. ... Read More