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Using Groups for Better Relationships and More Business

By: Viveka Wednesday April 13, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Open Groups

Using LinkedIn Groups Free webinar available here Like the Philosopher’s Stone, “Groups” alchemically transform LinkedIn from a “rolodex on steroids” into a true social media network.  A place where you can expand your network by creating true relationships with your connections.  And the magical element? Sharing valuable information and helping people. Not so magical, and yet many people are still using the “Discussion” and “Announcement” section of their groups, and groups they belong to, in order to sell their crap.  (That’s what your website is for - so I hope you have good conversion ratings) Let’s back up.  I’m going to pretend you know how build relationships.  Where exactly are you going to share this wealth of valuable... Read More

B2B Best Practices on LinkedIn - Part Three

By: Viveka Saturday January 15, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Strategies, LinkedIn Polls, LinkedIn Open Groups

10 ways to target your ideal client as a B2B To read part one of how to use LinkedIn as a B2B click here To read part two of how to use LinkedIn as a B2B click here 10 ways to target your ideal client as a B2B LinkedIn is all about creating relationships.  Whether you have a large or small network on LinkedIn, you are probably going to want to spend a little time researching and getting to know some strategic connections in your LinkedIn network.  Here 10 tips to get you started: 1.  Use the Advanced Search which will allow you to specifically target the “type” of person who would make an ideal client (sort by “relevance” and “expanded” view) 2.  Use a Boolean Search (AND, OR, NOT and “”)  Invite the strategic people you find... Read More

I want to Open My Group on LinkedIn - Now What???

By: Viveka Thursday December 23, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Open Groups

If you own a group on LinkedIn, then you recently (or will soon) receive an invitation from LinkedIn to open your group: If you decide to open your group then you will be offered the chance to: Ask your Group members if they want to have an open group Tell your members that you are opening the group. Being a fan of asking for forgiveness rather than permission, I went ahead and opened my group and sent my members this letter: Once you make your group Open, you can still control a lot of what gets contributed, shared and commented on - as well as who can do it - here are the settings I chose... And finally - you might want to change or modify your Group Rules.  This is what I did.. If you have any... Read More

Open Groups on LinkedIn - Some New Information

By: Viveka Tuesday December 21, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Open Groups

Open Groups and Members-Only Groups LinkedIn is finally realizing that being a closed network is maybe not the best thing for it's growth.  To help "open up" LinkedIn to non-members, LI has introduced "Open Groups".  I think this is yet another great stride in LinkedIn's efforts to become more social - and personally, I applaud it.  What do you think? Up until now, if you saw a  great discussion going on in one of your groups and tweeted (the unbearably clunky) URL, the only people who could see the discussion were: a)  folks who were already LinkedIn users, and b)  folks who were already members of that group.  Now anyone can share any content from an Open LinkedIn Group with anyone in their social network (not just LinkedIn) and those people can see... Read More