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Social Media Manners

By: Viveka Saturday April 9, 2011 comments Tags: LinkedInExpert, Tweetchat, Viveka von Rosen, #SMManners, @DabneyPorte

Join us on the #SMManners chat Tuesday night! Every Tuesday night at 10 PM EST @DabneyPorte hosts the #SMManners chat.   What is it about?  Well – manners – tips – best practices on social media.  Dabney asked me to be a guest on her chat (mine’s at 8 PM EST #LinkedInChat) and I said yes right away!  The amazing thing about 140 characters is that you can really get to know – and like a person – without ever meeting them. And Dabney’s on of my favorite diva’s! So join us!  I like using and the hashtag with be #SMManners - but you can use whichever service you prefer. But wait, you ask.  What will you be talking about?  Well LinkedIn of course!  The red-headed step child of social media.  (Hey – Prince Harry is a red head... Read More

The #LinkedInChat

By: Viveka Tuesday July 20, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitter, LinkedIn Tips, #LinkedInChat, Tweetchat, LinkedInChat, Tweet Chat, Learning on Twitter, Teaching on Twitter

The #LinkedInChat When: Every Tuesday Night Where: (or Time: 8 Eastern, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific Hosts: @LinkedInExpert and... YOU! Hashtag: #LinkedInChat Topic: LinkedIn Questions, Tips and Tricks Tonight's TweetChat was such a success that we are going to do it every Tuesday Night. Tell your friends and meet us on Twitter (As one Tweeter pointed out - the only social medium we could do this kind of chat on!) But wait - there's more! B-to-B Marketing agency, MLT Creative's and I ( LinkedIntoBusiness ) will also be offering a free LinkedIn webinar next week, July 28 at 2Pm MST! Click here to find out more! We're here... Read More