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Social Media Advice for Santa

By: Viveka Friday December 10, 2010 comments Tags: Social Media Santa

Some Social Media Advice for St. Nick As we approach the holiday season, it becomes clear to me that SOMEONE has to take over Santa’s Social Media Strategy – I’m applying for the job. (Will work for cookies and milk.) So Santa Baby - here’s the thing.  You’ve got most of the bases covered already.  You get that social media culture is all about giving – I mean – that’s your job right?  So I don’t have to train you or the elves on a giving culture.  You’ve also got the viral thing nailed.  Everyone is sharing the news. You’ve got some great affinity partnership s set up with Hallmark and Toys-R-Us.  Also with some local Christian churches.  The thing is, sometimes the message is a little skewed.  Do we get presents because the Baby... Read More