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It's all in the story...

By: Viveka Monday December 20, 2010 comments Tags: Social Media, storytelling

People like stories. Think about it – when you (try to) put your kids to sleep, how well does a detailed explanation for why they should go to bed work?  For those of you who don't have kids and can't remember that far back, the answer is... not so much. As a sales or marketing professional, you might try the strategies you use with your clients - You could give them the list of benefits of going to bed now (and maybe you have:) Morning will come sooner You won’t be cranky in the morning You need your rest to do well in school You might try bribery: I’ll make pancakes for you in the morning You can wear what you want to school if you go to bed now You can stay up an hour later this weekend You might even resort... Read More