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Get Booked and Stay Booked on LinkedIn

By: Viveka Thursday February 28, 2013 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Twitter, LinkedIn Expert, LinkedIn Tips, LinkedIn profiles, Viveka von Rosen, profile development, business tip, professional speaker

10 Ways to Use LinkedIn as a Speaker   1. Who are you? Sure you are a speaker, but you need to be clear about what you speak about and who your audience is. I’m sure you already know just what you have to offer – but make sure that your LinkedIn Profile reflects that too!  Very quickly jot down what you are known for, who you speak to.  Now look at your profile.  Would someone reading it know that? 2. Micro Elevator Speech Do you have a book, or a keynote you are known for?  Add them to your Professional Headline section. You have 120 characters to work with.  Think of it as a micro-elevator speech. Mine reads: Author of Wiley’s “LinkedIn Marketing: Hour a Day” ★Forbes Top 10 Most Influential Women★ International Keynote Speaker... Read More

Send this post to your friends who are resisting social media...

By: Viveka Monday November 1, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Social Media, Twitter, Facebook

If you have been watching ABC, or bought shoes from Zappos! lately – then you’ve been touched by social media. You can’t avoid it, don’t even try.   No doubt you’ve seen your kids messaging each other - their fingers moving faster than the speed of light?  And wasn’t that guy who created Facebook™ a young whippersnapper of 19 (now a 24 year old billionaire)? So one must ask oneself, “Seriously, how could a tool utilized in such crazy, time wasting ways be a useful form of communications?”  If you think social media (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, blogging, YouTube, etc.) is a waste of time, you are not alone. But wait – there must be something to it when Facebook is bigger than the US (population wise)at 550 million users,  and worth more... Read More

Four Easy To Use Tools to Monitor Your Brand Online

By: Bear Files Monday October 18, 2010 comments Tags: Social Media, Twitter, socialmention, nutshellmail

A huge thanks to Bear Files @Evolutionfiles for writing the following post! For large business, paid monitoring tools like Radian6 and others seem to offer a lot of powerful features to track online reputation and engage in social media conversations about their brand. But for those just starting out in the online monitoring world, free tools are an easy way to learn about what people are saying about your brand or within your industry. For brand managers, here are four simple tools that provide some interesting insights into what people are saying online : Social Mention Using the free Social Mention tool, with one click you can easily scour the Internet for every mention of a keyword or brand name. You receive each keyword alert separately via email, and each... Read More

Sexy Social Media Secrets with Gina Schreck and Trey Pennington (and me)

By: Viveka Saturday October 16, 2010 comments Tags: Twitter, LinkedIn Tips, #LinkedInChat, Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Strategies, Gina Schreck, Trey Pennington, Sexy Social Media

Every Tuesday night I have a #LinkedInChat on Twitter to share (in 140 character tweets) some of the strategies I employ to make LinkedIn more effective in my business.  Now imagine getting those bite-sized pieces in four comprehensive and cohesive webinars focusing not just on LinkedIn, but Twitter,  Facebook and blogging too! Best yet - these webinars are being taught by two of the most successful social media presences online today Gina Schreck of Synapse3Di and Trey Pennington, author of Spitball Marketing  (and me)!  So here it is: REAL answers to using Social Media strategically and practically. We will be sharing actionable strategies - the strategies you need to avoid the social activities from consuming your time and more importantly, to convert your... Read More

The Narcissism of Social Media

By: Viveka Friday September 3, 2010 comments Tags: Social Media, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Narcissism

Social media can look a lot like this: My story My story,  my story, my story, my story, my story, mystory, my story, my story, my story, my story, mystory, my story, my story, my story , your story, my story, my story, my story, my story, my story, your story, my story, my story, my story, my story… Did you catch that? My story,  my story, my story, my story, my story, my story, my story, my story, my story, my story, my story, my story, my story, my story , your story , my story, my story, my story, my story, my story, your story , my story, my story, my story, my story… And that’s the problem.  The narcissism on social media can run rampant.  And the thing is, the more you talk about yourself, the less people listen. One of my... Read More

The #LinkedInChat

By: Viveka Tuesday July 20, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitter, LinkedIn Tips, #LinkedInChat, Tweetchat, LinkedInChat, Tweet Chat, Learning on Twitter, Teaching on Twitter

The #LinkedInChat When: Every Tuesday Night Where: (or Time: 8 Eastern, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific Hosts: @LinkedInExpert and... YOU! Hashtag: #LinkedInChat Topic: LinkedIn Questions, Tips and Tricks Tonight's TweetChat was such a success that we are going to do it every Tuesday Night. Tell your friends and meet us on Twitter (As one Tweeter pointed out - the only social medium we could do this kind of chat on!) But wait - there's more! B-to-B Marketing agency, MLT Creative's and I ( LinkedIntoBusiness ) will also be offering a free LinkedIn webinar next week, July 28 at 2Pm MST! Click here to find out more! We're here... Read More

There are blessings in disasters - or what to do when your website gets hacked.

By: Viveka Tuesday July 13, 2010 comments Tags: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Expert, Twitter, LinkedIntoBusiness, hacked website, hostgator

On Saturday my website was hacked. It started with this email from some dude named "Info". The subject line was: Are you OK?!?! The content read: Hi, Im a hacker. I dont have much time, but I saw that you remove the account that I created on your Cpanel, you know that I dont want to harm to your site. I just want to have some space to park my domain. But , if you annoy me, I annoy you too. This is the first alarm. If you dont pay attention to this alarm I will hack your site very terrible. Well, besides having atrocious spelling and grammar skills, this guy just pissed me off! So I went to my site: and sure enough, this lovely message came up: (What happened - for those of you who understand what this... Read More

The Latest Twitter Stats from the Huffington Post

By: Viveka Sunday April 18, 2010 comments Tags: Twitter, LinkedIn Expert, Social Media, Number of tweets, Twitter statistics, Twitter analytics

Darn I just cant keep up! No sooner do I create a power point presentation, and Twitter ups its membership exponentially. I was looking at a deck I created for a class back in 2008 and the number of members was only 3 million now were at 106 million? (I thought Id better round up since by the time I publish this thats how many Twitter users there will be and by the time you actually read this it will be 120 million!) Anyway, to check out the original blog, go here: Here's a summary of the facts and figures Twitter shared at Chirp : Twitter now has 105,779,710 registered users. New users are signing up at the rate of 300,000 per day. 180 million... Read More

More Twitter Tips for Newbie's

By: Viveka Tuesday November 11, 2008 comments Tags: Social Media, Twitter, Guy Kawasaki, LinkedIn

I just love Guy Kawasaki, Check out his latest blog with more useful Twitter tips! Tip 1: Follow the smores (social media whores*). They are the folks with large number of followers and seem to be the opinion leaders (and perhaps even heros) of Twitter. You can get a good idea of who they are by viewing Twitterati.alltop , TwitterCounter , and Egos.alltop . There are three reasons to follow them: first, many have scripts that will auto follow you; second, you might learn something from watching what they tweet about; third, when people look at your profile to see who you follow, you want to appear that you have a clue. (*originally coined by @worleygirl who passed it to @pauladrum... Read More